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02-11-11, 09:25 PM
For years now I've heard people talk about lucid dreaming and how hard it is to train yourself to do it. It never really interested me so I didn't know what it was, just some sort of dreaming, until someone explained it to me a while ago. I said, "what? I do that every night. That's how I get to sleep."

I don't have control of my dreams ALL the time, but there are random ones where I do, and falling asleep I always do. There was once a time where I broke away from a dream and did a short math problem in my head to answer a question in the dream. Most of the time, I'm not myself, either. The view is always as if a bird high up in a tree is watching, but in the dream I'm a person and I can move and talk and such, but I don't see through that persons eyes. I do all kinds of things. I love dreaming.

Does anyone else lucid dream fairly often?

02-12-11, 03:29 AM
haha you know that kind of reminds me ofwhen i tried to learn to control dreams but either it takes time, the method was bs or not for me. i got one weird dream that has stuck in my mind and the rest just seem to slip the memory i have. but i am really tired so i must go and try to attempt this now =-) happy dreaming. only one i can remember was terrible.

02-13-11, 07:11 AM
I lucid dream very often and if I am not in full control the vividness is astonishing. I tell people that I literally lead 2 lives: the conscience life and the unconsciousness life. I too find dreaming just fascinating but I take a less Freudian look at it and I take it as it is instead of trying to find out what it means. One weird thing I notice with myself is that I enter REM sleep almost instantaneously, I've had lucid dreams from a 1 hour nap which is really odd? The other day I took a quick nap on a lunch break and had a crazy lucid dream about breaking out of a prison (lol) and I felt like I slept literally for 8 hours but it was 45min, crazy stuff. GREAT THREAD!

02-26-11, 10:51 PM
Does anyone else lucid dream fairly often?

Like you, I cannot always control my dreams but the majority of the time I have some sort of power of decision making in the dreams.

I may realize I'm dreaming and take control of everything or just choose to keep it simple by just acknowledging to myself that this is a dream and to continue with the 'path' I'm currently in.

Out of 30 days a week, I usually dream for about 25 of those days. Out of that, I'd say at least 17 are lucid dreams.

I do not keep records, unfortunately.

02-28-11, 12:14 AM
:( i can practically never remember any of my dreams