View Full Version : So I guess I get to start the Daytrana sucess thread.

02-13-11, 07:57 PM
After several different pills I finally found the best thing for me. I have a problem with some of the ingredients that is in the other pills but anyways 30 MG patch once a day for nine hours works awesome!

03-01-11, 03:50 PM
What was your normal dosage when you were taking pills? I ask because I'm starting Daytrana this week. Pdoc mailed me the script today (hopefully) so I should get it filled probably Thurs or Fri.

I'm excited, but confused about the dosage. Basically, a 30 mg Daytrana patch is the equivalent of 60 mg IR Ritalin, correct? It better be, or there's no way I can afford this stuff. They call it a "nominal dose" in the patient rx info. What is that?

Anything is better than these 36 mg (!!!) Concerta I'm supposed to be taking. Fortunately, I have a few IR methylin laying around, because the Concerta was worse than nothing. At least it was free. I heart coupons.

I metabolize pills too fast, but hopefully I won't have that problem with Daytrana. Plus, 30 mg just sounds nice and low, which I like. 72 mg Concerta (60 mg IR, my normal dose) sounds really high to me. I won't even just double up these 36 mg Concerta because I'm not comfortable with taking *72 mg.*

Kinda sucks being really tiny because you have a fast metabolism, getting no respect anyway because because you're tiny, then getting shafted on your script because the doc figures "well, she's small so she doesn't need an adult dose," when it should be more like "this chick burns through everything she ingests like she's a linebacker; she needs a high dose." That's Dave Foley in my avatar, not me, btw. I'm a chick. But the 36 mg was free, so I should stop complaining.

I also like Daytrana's ascending dosage profile. Tooraj and I were discussing acute methylphenidate tolerance over in the Ritalin forum, and I was saying how Daytrana should get me around that without a *72 mg* dose.

I'm glad it's working out for you. Wish me luck.

03-01-11, 03:56 PM
Oh, and Daytrana leaves your liver alone. Bonus!

03-02-11, 04:55 PM
Well, I found something worse than 36 mg Concerta: 20 mg Daytrana written on the wrong kind of paper so it can't be filled. Whiskey tango foxtrot? I was actually relieved when the pharmacist said she wouldn't fill it. I almost cried when I saw it was for 20 mg. That's worse than nothing.

Going back to fix this in a few. Wish me luck.

03-02-11, 07:39 PM
Had to go to 3 pharmacies just to get the stuff, and that was after the run back to the dr. to get the right script. Finally, I found it at Walgreen's and it was not cheap. I'll let you all know how it goes.

03-03-11, 02:46 AM
So far so good. I can definitely feel the l-mph more in this than in any pill I've ever taken. It's nice; not speedy, just kinda kick-in-the-pants, which I need more of lately since I can hardly exercise due to a knee injury. Definitely the smoothest medication I've ever tried.

It's a little weaker than 20 mg IR but I expected that since the whole idea behind using Daytrana was that I could better spread the same dose over more hours and get more coverage that way. Plus, absorbtion is supposed to increase over time for reasons which are not understood. So it's all uphill from here I guess. Yay, Daytrana.

03-03-11, 02:55 AM
it was 20 mg of adderall. me and concerta do not get along. lol.

03-03-11, 02:58 AM
really 3? lol they have to order mine i am on 20 MG. lol. I might try methylin to. the patch is inconsistence when taken off for me and yes good luck!

03-03-11, 12:30 PM
Do you have to bring them the script to have them order it or can you just call and ask them, then bring in your script two weeks later?

You would think I lived in the middle of nowhere, given as long as Wal-Mart was telling me it would take them to get it in. I'm right across from the biggest hospital in the state. Go figure.

I don't think I could go back to Methylin after this, unless I wanted something really short-acting for some reason.

And yeah, Concerta didn't agree with me. If they made a 72 mg pill, maybe, but it's otherwise too expensive and short-acting and yeah, forget that. Weird how Daytrana is only approved for kids yet they have it in the equivalent of 60 mg IR, but Concerta is approved for adults and it doesn't.

03-03-11, 08:48 PM
I use Chase Drugs its a chain of the "Leader" drug stores. They have where you can like sit there and wait a lot of times. They will usually say we have to order it come back in around lunctime tommrow we will have it for you lol.

03-03-11, 08:56 PM
I might ask the little compounding pharmacy how much they charge. Smaller places tend to have less red tape and can order stuff faster.

03-04-11, 08:14 AM
I have been on Daytrana in the past, and I had no problem getting any of the strengths at CVS. This was in Seymour, IN. Also, once a pharmacy knows you're on a certain med and are going to keep getting it filled there, they can usually order some for you ahead of time. Also, just curious, which side of Indy do you (koffy) live on?

03-04-11, 12:37 PM
Hi secretADDmirer! I live on the NW side, just east of Pike Township. It's geriatric/medical central, which is why I was surprised I had to go to a bunch of different places.

CVS is expensive! Even their generic Ritalin is like $80 and it's the crappy yellow kind (I can't remember which brand that is). I like Walgreens because they carry the Watson generic Ritalin and they're super-quick, but Costco is cheap and price is an issue for me. I would have saved $50 going to Costco but I didn't want to wait 10 days or whatever.

Do you live in Indy these days? I was also thinking maybe the Carmel Wal-Mart would have it in stock just because the average age up there is probably somewhere around 7.

03-09-11, 01:15 PM
Hi, Koffy! I currently live in Columbus, IN, but we lived in Indy for 11 years. We lived at 52nd and Georgetown after we got married, then by Community East Hospital, then on Brookville Rd. almost into New Palestine. We are actually putting our house up for sale next month, and we are hoping to move to the Greenwood area eventually. Small world! As far as the Daytrana, do you have insurance coverage? There are patient assistance programs through the drug companies. Also, I found a discount card at that anyone can use. I am currently on Strattera 80 mg every day and I think it is helping some, but my doc started me back on Daytrana to take with the Strattera yest. Unfortunately, my insurance is requiring a prior authorization before they'll cover it, so haven't gotten it yet. Wish me luck! And good luck to you, as well.