View Full Version : Meltdown manifesting as panic attacks.

02-14-11, 05:12 AM
Ok people...

As most of you would know I'm on the spectrum as well as being ADHD.

Recently since the Queensland floods/cyclone crisis (as well as the stress of supporting a friend who was nearly sexually assaulted during the cyclone/flood crisis) I've having a lot of anxiety like attacks and mini meldowns and it's got to the point where I'm considering taking anti-anxiety medication.

Can anyone please tell me if they have panic/anxiety attacks before, during and after a meltdown???



02-14-11, 06:34 AM
Considering there have been incidents for you that can provoke anxiety, it's not really surprising.

It sounds like this is caused by environment/situations that have happened.

Medication can only do so much, you need to work on it too, in therapy most likely
There are some treatments(therapy types) that are used to help those with anxiety issues, and by "Meltdowns" I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that, so I assume it's a bit like an anger outburst, you may need some help with management of that too in therapy.

Having ADHD can also mean you are more likely to have a "meltdown" since you're impulsive and also get frustrated easily. (assuming you suffer with impulsive problems and the H in ADHD)

Medication, as I said, can only do so much, you need to work on it as well, medication or not.

02-14-11, 03:37 PM

Meltdowns are very similar to anger/crying outbursts and they can manifest in many different ways.

I'm making other changes as well (medication is usually a last resort) but theres been far too much stress and I do need to function and can't with this anxiety...well at least not comfortably anyway.


02-14-11, 07:52 PM
I have panic attacks when I get lost following a meltdown.
A meltdown is usually when you cannot contain anger or frustration anymore and have an outburst of some kind. It could be a completely sudden thing but the actual trigger is something that builds up over time.
I think AS meltdowns are the ones that build up overtime and ADHD ones are sudden frustrations but because both areas of the brain (limbic system) are affected they could be the same.

You should try some calm down methods like acupressure, Cognitive behavioural therapy, and deep breathing exercises. There are even some nasal sprays that help you calm down. I'm not sure how that works but I've come across them in chemists.

I really hope you feel better soon. I get panic attacks in the city a lot when I get lost or something changes and usually I end up running late. As a concert photographer who only gets 3 songs worth of photographs that puts a lot of pressure on me to be on time.
I've had to ban myself from going to festivals because of all the meltdowns and panic attacks I had. I once had panic attacks so bad during a relationship I could no longer go to the city. But that has past now.