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02-16-11, 03:17 PM
I admit i was rather a cruel mind when i look down the years. thefirst deed of cruelty i remember was pushing my granma down the steps of the barn and it was shortly after i masterd the art of walking, i conclude it was cruel because there was no apparent reason if not for the fun of seeing someone fall, though even before that i was infamous amongst my cousins for pulling their hair and biting their fingers hardwhile feeding rice balls. Later on i hav grown my interest on insects,as many of my counterparts did, i never have a history of chewing a bug or worm and im so sure abt that though my sister strongly disagree. I was amused by dragonflies and unlike the butterflies, they were an easy catch and was stronger so that they can pick up stones, they were so tame tied at the end of a string, they have shown respectable endurance to my experiments. the ant business always involved some risk, and was thrilling for the same reason. Blood and tears has flownin my encounters with ants. the interracial rivalry of ants was clear while a black bull ant was dropped in the social gathering of weaver ants, they impressed me for being most intelligent as a group. Once i tried to drown a whole family of weavers in a poodleof water. But to my astonishment, they formed a ball with workers inthe periphery, the larve and the rest inside. they remained in constant rolling that those at the bottom keep on rowing to prevent drowning and they moved towards the nearest wall, but again i was cruel then, i couldnt help drowning them with a dry Teek leaf. In somemorngs mamma would wake me up and tempt to go out and enjoy the fresh bloomedflowers in the yard but i made the mornings stil more splendid by opening up a rolled leaf of 'Nanthiarvattom'(a flowering plant), waking the caterpillar before executing it by squeezin the leaf from sides and observing the dark jellylike viscous greenish fluid rush out though the split leaf and that is my favourite colour even now followed by the green of thejelly moss. Now that i am so empathetic to them and in remorse when I look back, but doesnt mean that it cant be my favourite colour. still there is a lot more to say but I would wind up here since there is no particular moral of the story to wind up with.

02-16-11, 03:29 PM
hello fellas,
i m not very sure how this would appeal to you,
im hail from a different culture than the majority here,
so i cant really predict whether you ll look more upon its cruel tone or the tone of curiosity of a child.
i hope it wont make me prone to be banned for this post with lot of "violence" to fellow living beings.