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02-18-11, 04:54 PM
(my 1st experience of a 'real' winter a page from the december month of my diary)

there was nothing so special about this Saturday gone worthless but had the luxury that it was a 'Saturday' which - from the birth of the Gregorian calendar - is blessed with a Sunday following it, which always meets the guilt for the sins of satuday with nothing but mostly illogical hope.
it started late at 10 in the morning, with a movie Seven Samurai for the breakfast and a Yufka -a Turkish delicacy- for lunch followed by some shopping for i have to cook some Indisch stuff for the "Floor Essen" tomorrow.
some dark chocolate and kiwis and some black current juice made my dinner. the black current supposedly had this effect of making feel high - as per an austrian friend - and I searched wiki for some 'illegal chemical' in it but the poor berry had nothing interesting but an awfully high percentage of vitamin C.
But I suppose its only the juice that took me literally high from the earth.. to the terrace of our 12 storey hostel, with my diary, some more chocolates, juice and a fresh bloomed intention to spend a night on the terrace, where its closer to the holy emptiness.
I was totally geared up for the -3C out there. thermals,a thick jacket, gloves etc..
I thanked the someone who had an old relaxing chair left abandoned there and I thanked the someone who had the huge solar powered lamp lit up above in full.
the woods and town are all so quite and dark from up there and moreover its almost a place where u might realize this feel of neutrality of belonging to nothing,
not to the earth,
not to the skies,
- provided we neglect the terrace as a infinitesimally thin layer of reality.

an hour passed on such epiphanies,
started writing something in the diary in an unusually huge font (the gloves), which started like something but it too posessed the divine idea of belonging to nothing,
not real,
or at least legible malayalam script.

I truely underestimated the potential of -3'c with the ever blowing, strong, wind. my punjab made woollen gloves were not a match at all.
so i was done with writing as soon as my fingers sliped off the realm of my reality to a numb cold thing. the hood covered up most of my face but the nose, a nose to me, but a fin to the wind, (i ll be glad if u take it for a white shark's fin but i tried to convey the heat exchanger fin).
I took short breaths with small intake volumes supposing that would push me to some hibernating state so that in the morning i can wake up like a polar bear.
but it didint.
though inside the shoes, my foot nails seemed to shrink faster than the flesh beneath it, where i had a shearing sensation which was not very comforting.
I waited for an equilibrium ,
but time was getting slow,
and then slower.
the cold flux has made it up to my knees, elbows and chest.
i pictured my friend from the 12th floor trying to wake my body up in the morning as i ve told her to and my nude spirit lying low some where behind head up and yelling
" cant u hear me stupid - get me some cloths, its a bldy cold hell here!!!".

so that was cold,

i used to think about the comfort factors for the different ways of death of which death by drowning seemed the worst and dying frozen in a crevasse didnt seem so bad (also it was difficult or expensive to simulate the discomfforts).
from many things i learned from the cool' experience, I d humbly recommend those who planning to end up in some glacier in the himalayas and getting preserved like a Faravo in a much cheaper way to consider a plan B as far as u are not a cellular organism,
because i remember it from the cyogenics class that the cells in artificial insemination kits mostly gets over it.
some time later (at around 2 30 am)
In the lift i was joined by erika - my floormate- from floor 7, she was there to fetch her pet - the adorable shisha/hookah..
seeing me leaning againts the lift's wall like a sick man in this look like alien costume and she wonderd where im comming down from..
"just back from the moon"
my frozen lips uttered it off the tempo.
and i believe its just that what spoiled the very purpose of it.