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Kunga Dorji
02-20-11, 07:22 AM
This is the talk I saw that inspired me to learn this technique.!-by-dr-bruno-cayoun.stm (

I was trained in this technique in February to May last year.

I had already had the neck treatment and was improving greatly- but the MiCBT converted this into a huge improvement.
When I started in Feb I was still on 50mg dexamphetamine per day and my Jasper Goldberg score was about 49.
Within 6 weeks of finishing the training I was off medication altogether- and my Jasper Goldberg score had declined to its current level of 6.
A score of 70 or above is considered "high probability of ADHD". My pretreatment score was 107/120 (Note I had previously quoted a higher number- but I find I had recorded that incorrectly- amazing what one discovers as one becomes more organised.)

I am going to do a much longer article describing this process in detail as I think it is worthwhile understanding why it is perfectly predictable that this technique is likely to help ADHD.

I know some people have had less satisfactory experiences with mindfulness- but I would comment that to get a good result does depend on getting good help.