View Full Version : Here and Now

02-23-11, 04:04 PM
Something is bothering me lately.
It leads to a question bouncing 'round in my head.
If I were to die (purely hypothetical), have I had a nice life?
Actually the question could be, "where do I come from".
The question "where do I go" might be more interesting, but not necesarily more important than "where do I come from".
But does thinking about this question not stop me from living in the "here and now" ? Still, the question is on my mind.
If I look at my life so far, am I satisfied with who I am, and about my situation in general?
On the other hand, this (life) IS what I've got. And the important thing is the question: What will I do now?
I think answering this question is making a choice based on past experiences. I've made mistakes before, for which I've found a better solution, I don't want to make those mistakes again.

So... Having said that..
What was bothering me again? ( this is me... lost in thougths )