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08-16-04, 03:41 PM
My Lamictal is still going well, I'm not up to the full dosage but we're getting there. I'm starting therapy in a couple of weeks, my idea, not my shrink's, I just asked if that would help, specifically cognitive behavioral therapy which I read about on this forum. I cannot confirm my ADD (which I'm 99% sure I have) until the meds are working full strength, then see where my concentration is. Fair enough but I've had counselling before and I did not notice much help. My husband thinks there are issues that are not chemical that should be addressed. Quite honestly, I just don't know what to expect from these visits. When I feel fine it feels like a big waste of time and when I'm down in the dumps the hardest thing to do is ask for help, I feel silly and stupid, or worse, I'm so bad they'll lock me away from my kids.

What is it that you, those of you who are in therapy of one kind or another, want from the experience? Does it help? What helps? How do you prepare for your visits? I want to get as much as I can for the time and money. I want to feel better. Thanks for any input.

08-18-04, 02:06 PM
Ummm, hello? There have been 23 views to this post and not one single person is in therapy? My goodness, it's a bunch of crazy people wandering around our cities and countryside who are completely crazy and getting no help whatsoever! Thanks.

08-18-04, 03:17 PM
I can't answer any of your question because I don't know anything about that. I clicked on this thread because my husband takes Lamictal and I'm always trying to learn more about the meds.

08-20-04, 11:19 AM
What is it that you, those of you who are in therapy of one kind or another, want from the experience? Does it help? What helps? How do you prepare for your visits? I want to get as much as I can for the time and money. I want to feel better. Thanks for any input.

I think that therapy is such an individual thing so that makes it hard for anyone to answer questions about it. I have to think *really* hard and it takes more time and thought than I usually have. Not that that is stopping me today, but, I'm procrastinating for a good reason today :rolleyes:.

This is also an extremely personal topic. Many people probably don't feel comfortable spilling their guts. It is not such an easy thing to ask.

I started therapy so that I'd have someplace to talk about my intense reactions to situations without outside distractions. I think another reason was to have *one* person I can talk to about everything. With friends, I spread out my crap, so as not to overwhelm any one person.... :(

What has helped most is being able to name some of my patterns of thoughts, and the ADD itself. My therapist mentioned that she thought I should explore getting a diagnoses. She gave me some books to read, and set up the appointment with the Psychiatrist. So, yes, she has helped.

I don't know what I do to prepare. Sometimes I feel like I should do more. That I get there and leave feeling no different. I feel like I don't have a real "goal". I have written out and printed things I wanted to discuss. Then, I got to my appointment and neveral pulled out my list. I don't know why. Maybe feeling a bit too vulnerable? Or, that I would need more than the 50 minutes once I started, or something. I don't know.

I keep going because it is a good safety net for when life events get overwhelming. Also, it is a good place to see how things have changed for the better.

The first question she had for me, on my first visit, was, "Why are you here?" (I'm paraphrasing, but, that's the gist.) So, I'd think about that, concretely. Maybe make a list or something if you have a hard time remembering once you are there. I've seen this advice given for people going to a doctor appt. That way you are sure to remember why you're there. ;) "Patience" is a subject that has popped up a lot in your posts and may be a good place to start.

There is a a counseling and therapy forum here:

I found this thread helpful and there are many others!

Good luck, Michele.

08-20-04, 02:26 PM
Therapy is good for identifying & understanding your behaviors and thinking process. Medication supposedly treats the ADD symptoms but there are almost certainly a host of non-chemical issues that'll need to be addressed. Traditional therapy is the Freudian catharsis crying over spilled milk thing which is useful to an extent but can go on forever without much improvement past the initial relief in confronting painful memories. CBT is more practical... lots of different approaches out there, also you have to get along with the shrink ideally though it's a chore to try switching around to see different styles & chose one, it's not essential but probably wise. Regardless of the approach, therapy is useful for perspective because we tend to run circles in our minds and miss the big picture or not see certain things in ourselves that a trained professional can spot. Lastly, a therapist can act as a coach, helping you to make big life descisions, set priorities, get organized, etc. Oh and they can give you techniques to do for homework, like paying attention to a particular behavior or feeling in particular settings... stuff that migh not come natural but is helpful. This is the teacher role and is certainly a benefit. And another thing that's maybe a given but if nothing else, a therapist is nice because you really can blabber on & on forever to them about the most icky tedious stuff that you'd have a hard time saying to friends or have a hard time getting them to listen patiently.

Hope that helps!

08-21-04, 05:49 PM
That was very helpful. Just what I was looking for. :) Of course, there's the journaling, no one has to read it, but they can't say a thing if they do. ;) Have a lovely evening.