View Full Version : Metadate CD - Adderall Comparison

08-16-04, 04:30 PM
Just wondering if anyone had experienced anxiety on Metadate CD 20 mg.? Both times I have taken it, it seems like my tolerance level for anything or anyone is very low! Then when it starts to wear off I become irratible, tired, etc. If I take the Addrall 15 mg. as soon as I wake up (about 6:15) it does fine once it kicks in (about 30 min later) but I have to pay close attention to time because if I don't dose again by about noon I'll start to develop what almost feels like a sinus headache, pain, pressure. Also if you have any feedback on the Addrall XR as opposed to the regular. I go back to the Dr. Wed and we knew the 10mg was going to be to low but needed to make sure, so I know he'll up that to 15 or 20 but just wonder if there would be any difference between the reg and XR meaning less to keep track of.

04-18-06, 04:56 PM
I had the exact same problem with Metadate! The irritability got worse as the day wore on. It did help me focus better, but since I work with children it wasn't worth the trade off. Now I'm back on Adderall. :cool:

06-07-06, 09:36 AM
I'm glad to hear this...I have panic disorder and my anxiety freaking sucks. But i cannot function without this med. So needlesstosay this that your're feeling is normal. mine is just way more intense and sucks.

12-15-06, 09:00 PM
I was just diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago (at age 57) and am new to meds in general. I've been started on Metdate... and am experiencing anxiety, too. And a lot of other weirdness, too. Am so glad I have a doctor's appointment next week.