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02-26-11, 09:52 PM
I was looking through some pictures and I thought that I'd make a game out of it so here it is!

How to play: post a random picture with something that is totaly out of place. It could be anything from shoes on a wire to a boat on the side of a mountain, and then you make a little far-fetched story about how it got there. I'll start.

Mr. Weasly wasn't the only wizard to learn how to make their cars fly. There were others too, like Seren Seregopalis, but she had a tendancy to leave her keys in her car. A talking chipmunk came along and saw the car and wondered what it did, so he got in the car and pressed a button and it started flying. They car went all ovver the place cause he couldnt fly in and then an alien spaceship knocked into him and he went spinning out of control and then got stuck in the middle of a military dogfight and got hit with an atomic bomb and then BOOM! He crashed into the tree.

Now it's your turn. Feel free to make them as impossible and ridiculous as you want. Have fun! :D

02-28-11, 06:05 PM
why is no one playing? :(

Tommy Wilhelm
02-28-11, 06:20 PM
I read a sci-fi story in an old magazine that was just like that !

Ok, I'll try to find something...

Tommy Wilhelm
02-28-11, 06:23 PM
I'm stuck; I have no store of odd pictures; maybe something will spring to mind later. Good idea though.

02-28-11, 06:55 PM
Sorry thanks both of you, but dont know how to post pictures ,someone will

02-28-11, 07:20 PM A. Blank [pictured left] is, or was, I should say, a college student, who'd decided to transfer to an undisclosed University on one the Meritime Provinces because he read on Wikipedia they do some lobster fishing there. Drew lurved lobster more than his long time girlfriend, Helen Back [pictured right after this] z8UtHFWrjASYCqAOlA5wA, which she claims is the reason behind their ultimately separating.

Drew had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, with "possible co-morbid conditions," according to his psychiatrist, Dr. Chris P. Bacon [no picture available]. Unaware of the dramatic differences that SOME people have with manufacturers, Drew just filled his rx for Adderall at a crap pharmacy that carried Corepharma. He took it for the first time on the day of his fall semester finals, bombed them, and in his anger of failing yet again, drove his red VW to the ocean's edge. He impulsively jumped in, caught himself a baby lobster with his bare hands, and went home to cook it. [actual picture of lobster taken with Mr. Blank's iPhone 4 (which, on a side note he regretted and longed for his 2 year contract to expire so he could get a Droid)] a0uGxZ3Zyuk7t28-5uMLg

The baby lobster tried to warn Drew that if he ate him, his mama would be coming after him and that vindication is a beeyatch. But Drew thought he must be daydreaming this, or maybe having a CRAZY side effect from the gosh-awful Corepharma.. I mean, what lobster has a human baby face anyhow? It was fishy (badabum tch!) so he went ahead and humanely cooked up the crustacean goodness.

A week later, having put the experience behind him and on a new fabulous generic that worked for him (FYI Sandoz), he was feeling especially chipper as he drove along the highway beside the coast to his first class of the day, singing along to an MP3 of the theme song from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," the beloved 1968 musical film ( with a script by Roald Dahl ( and Ken Hughes (, and songs by the Sherman Brothers (, loosely based on Ian Fleming ('s novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car (

The mama lobster [pictured above on top of the car prior to her destruction of the 2002 Beetle with optional leather and BoseŽ speakers] jumped out of the ocean, did a triple axle in the air (presumably to dry off) and landed on the vehicle when the last boom was sung. Then in a horribly graphic spectacle, avenged her son's death.

- The End -

That is a work of love for you hypergirl96. This is an awesome thread! And if people don't play it's not because of you, it's them. :D ((hugs)) PM me later!

02-28-11, 08:30 PM
I'd post a picture but I can't figure out how yet. If I hit "Insert Image" it asks for a URL". I thought it used to be simpler.....(when I was on as Uneek1)

03-01-11, 04:40 AM
I'd post a picture but I can't figure out how yet. If I hit "Insert Image" it asks for a URL". I thought it used to be simpler.....(when I was on as Uneek1)

The URL is the image URL (image location). If the image is online you should be able to right-click it and go to "copy image location". Then you just go to the box that asks for a URL and paste it there. Hope that helps!