View Full Version : AS and ADHD symptoms influence each other?

03-01-11, 02:47 PM
Does anyone else find their AS and ADHD symptoms influence each other?

For intance, I can be obsessed with something for a few months, then suddenly become bored with it. I move on to another obsession and completely forget about the other one. I've heard of people with AS having the same obsession for years, but mine never last that long.

I also insist on adhering to the same routine for ages, then suddenly I'll decide to try something different (on my terms), because I get bored with the current one.

I also think the reason I was so well behaved in school, compared to being a nightmare at home, was because I was terrified of making the teacher angry.

Sometimes I get obsessed with details, while other times I will get frustrated with how much effort it takes and say to hell with it.

03-01-11, 02:50 PM
i think a lot of people with just adhd do all the things you described

03-01-11, 08:43 PM
Yes, definitely. I can go from having a spotless room with everything lined up and placed in the same place it is always in to a messy desk and clothes that were once neatly folded being shoved into my closet.

On the days where I don't want to go to the effort to organise myself I will barely do a thing. Although, there's still a part of me that likes cleanliness and my house and routine have some order to it.

I can change my routine too but I have to allow for the restless feeling when it changes and eventually it will be part of my routine.

My interests lately have been really intense and show no sign of changing but I've been down this road many times. I'm preparing for it to change to something new or just go back to an older one. It will probably be the latter.

In school I didn't get in trouble because I barely talked.

I think if I just had ADHD, apart from lowering the burden on my back by a huge amount, I think I'd be less organised and not as stuck into my own world. But if I was just autistic I'd probably do the same things in much more intensity. When I bored I usually look for some house chore to get out of the way and it feels like that's from my ADHD.