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03-03-11, 09:09 AM

If you get a few spare seconds, and if you agree with it, I'd love it if you could sign my petition asking for equal treatment for students with disabilities at Murdoch University ( I personally believe that many higher education institutions make it difficult for students with disabilities (such as Asperger's and ADD) by not allowing appropriate academic supports. As you know many individuals (if not the majority) with ADD are of high intelligence and have so much to offer the world if simply given equal treatment. Sadly, not only do students with disabilities have to contend with discrimination and prejudice, but they also have to work over and above what they are required simply to demonstrate their ability.

The petition can be accessed here (

Thank you for your time.

03-04-11, 07:39 PM
I don't know about elsewhere, but in Alberta Universities are quite accommodating.

03-04-11, 10:48 PM
All universities have to offer accomodations by law.. otherwise they'd be breaching the civil rights of disabled people.

I'm doubting this as any kind of sincere effort, the links don't give any documentation just simply make a claim, sounds like a petition to get as many gullible people to sign it as possible. Murdoch university appears to have in place accomodations for students, check their website and I checked the psychology departement. One of the psychologists specializes in disability stigma.. kinda doubt this is real.

03-04-11, 10:53 PM
My college gives me accommodations too and I carry on quite well.

03-10-11, 05:29 AM
Word up....:cool:

03-14-11, 01:13 AM
Find a lawyer, I'm suing my school. Figure out what accommodations you might want. Talk to disability center. If they don't respond at all it's time to sue. You can do small claims court if you are a self motivated type or find a lawyer. There is usually a lawyer referral service locally. You have 6 months to file suit against your school. Another approach is to send a letter from a lawyer asking for your accomodations.