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03-04-11, 11:04 AM
So while my doctor has been monitoring my blood pressure and weight, I've been seeing her almost every month.

Normally she's written a script for the month.

Last month she was happy with my other health issues, and since my observations on my ADHD symptoms were positive, she wrote a script for 60 Adderall. My pharmacist initially filled the entire script, but when we realized that my insurance company (Manulife) would only pay for 30 days at a time, we split it in two.

He explained that he can hold a portion of the prescription if asked, but as the perscription was written for 60 with no other restrictions, he's free to dispense it all at once if that's what the patient wants or needs.

(While I suppose that many rules are the same between Canada and the US, we seem to differ on this point.)

So yesterday I went for my latest follow up, and she wrote a script for 100.:rolleyes:

So I have 2 repeats and a remainder of 10. Assuming she does nothing different next time, I'll have the pharmacist writing practice questions for his kids grade 4 math class.:p

Surly Dave
03-04-11, 11:12 AM
Actually, this sounds like a little bit of a victory. Your Dr. is happy with your progress and trusts you, and your pharmacist is willing to work with you to help you save money (if I understood correctly) and trusts you. Win!

03-04-11, 11:16 AM
yeah truely sounds like a little win for you if you go back before you tackle the other 10 2 more times you might have 30 then.

03-04-11, 03:05 PM
I'm hoping by my next visit to have dropped another 25-40 pounds and gotten my blood pressure down to 130/85 ish.

I figure If I can pull that off, I'll probably be be down to 6 month recall visits, unless she's worried about me losing too much weight.

I started off behind the 8 ball, weighing 360 pounds and with blood pressure over 150/92. She was very reluctant to prescribe Adderall for my ADHD because of my blood pressure, but agreed to try me on it.

I keep blowing her socks off. I'm hoping to get down to 250 pounds by the summer, and get down to 190-200 by the following summer if not sooner.

01-26-13, 05:44 PM
good for you youv also gained the trust of 2 ppl whose profesions somtimes require a little sceptisisms and that say a lot about you and them nd I bet they would like to hear that. all 3 of you are winners nd you just a tadd more. readin the progress for all involved made me feel good. and if there is a sale on socks meybe buy some for you're doctor. thank you

01-26-13, 07:54 PM
On my last visit I have 3 months worth of meds. I donīt think there is such a big problem in Spain. I am supposed to give my ID when I take a scrip to the pharmacy and they write my ID number on it, but each time they have only asked my number and not looked at the card at all. In theory I can give any number. My kids are also on concerta and I told the pharmacist that I would prefer to give their ID numbers for their meds rather than my number for all three as it looks like I am taking 90 pills every month. she said not to worry, no one is going to say anything or even look at it.