View Full Version : Getting the word out about ADHD and ADD Forums

03-06-11, 08:17 PM
Wikipedia has grown to be the primary source of knowledge for many people looking for many things. It is also ideal because it isn't centrally controlled and totally free.

I noticed that that the wikipedia page for ADHD seems somewhat spartan and less thourogh than other medical pages. This doesn't help spread the truth about ADHD's legitimacy and doesn't help sufferers fully understand themselves. Too bad it is locked by a moderator because of vandalism for now so we can't improve it.

What we CAN do however is create a wiki page for ADD Forums that is linked in a related section at the bottom of the ADHD page, so that when sufferers go to the ADHD page when they first suspect they have the condition or are diagnosed, they can quickly and easily find help in the ADD forums.

I don't have any particular skill with Wikipedia, but I think this would be a great way to attract more contributors to this forum, and to improve the general well being of sufferers as a whole.