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08-17-04, 02:24 PM
What are some things that the teens here enjoy doing with friends?

08-23-04, 07:09 PM
Hanging out on the bowie and checking out the guys.
Camping with a bunch of friends. (Far enough away from the adults to get all crazy.)
and more
Unless you are sports minded, musicaly inclined etc, there is not much elase for teens to do.

03-01-05, 05:28 AM
i like going to the starionery store
i like movies
i absolutely HATE nightclubs etc, but sometimes i like pubs (of course you have to be over 18, 19, or 21 depending on where in the world you are!)
i don't particularly like parties or large gathering where i'm expected to talk to people
i like reading but i can get bored. kids novels are great if you get bord.
swimming is good.
i like going on holiday to a place whre you do nothing
traveling is also fun

rollercoasters are fantastic! :D

(i dont know why i added that last point)

03-01-05, 05:41 AM
ok... i answered that strangely and randomly without properly reading the first post...

03-11-05, 09:38 AM
Has anyone considered community service? Habitat for Humanity, Food Pantries, raising money for you local law enforcement and fire agencies? The reason I'm asking is because my children use community service in their behavioural modification programs to reinforce good energy put out is good energy returned and it gives them a voice and the knowledge that if they don't like the way something is in their community they need to play an active role in bringing about positive changes.

I've noticed that being a teen in todays world is far more difficult then when I was a teen. And have noticed an increase in low self esteem amongst teens and a rise in bullying episodes. Generally, speaking community action allows you to meet supportive people your own age reaching out to be a part of something bigger and more positive then who has the coolest car or clothes.

10-25-05, 04:16 AM
I volunteered with an ambulance corps throughout high school. It gave me a great sense of pride as well as skills i can still use. And i know you probably think i was only allowed to watch, if even go to emergencies, but the truth of it is i was as well qualified as all the adults, and was able to treat patients by myself. Teens from almost every state are able to do this, and its a great and enriching experience.

10-25-05, 09:32 PM
I never have volunteered, unless when I was forced to. Wait..I don't think that counts as volunteering then;)

As for what I enjoy doing, activity-wise:
-Parties/Large Social Gatherings
-Hanging out with my friends (who doesn't love that!?)
-Cruising around town
-Being 'up to no good' (yeah..I'm certainly a teenager)
-I'm pretty much up for everything, especially if it is random (and hopefully crazy) spur-of-the-moment things

10-26-05, 06:41 PM

11-05-05, 07:01 PM
playing texas hold-em.
playing ping-pong. The best use I have found for interaction with others is for competition. I am not much for conversation most of the time.

Other than that. I am by myself-and that's the way I like it.

11-07-05, 11:03 AM
causing mischeif yes i am 18, but i act like i am 15

11-17-05, 06:45 PM
These are things me and my friends do:

We're all in the school drama plays together.
We go to all the SAC (student and cousil) sponsered danced (even though they're boring as heck o.o)
Talking on IM

The thing is, we all go to the same school, but we're from different towns, so it's hard to get together most of the time.

11-20-05, 08:11 AM
cruising the net. I also love working for some reason, I'm just a sales assistant but I get to talk all the customers and it really is helping me become more outgoing