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03-13-11, 08:25 PM
I have a term paper due in 5 days, and I really haven't gotten much done because I have trouble with long term planning, and keep getting distracted while working on it.

Does anybody have any tips/experiences with term papers and ADD?

03-13-11, 09:31 PM
I've no specific experience with term papers, I'm horrible with school and have strong urges to drop out when the pressure gets to high but I do have a little personal trick for getting things done.
There's a slim chance that it helps you but here goes nothing:

1: make sure you have a laptop.
2: make sure you have a bulkload of information available offline.
3: step in a silent coupe of a train, the environment is soothing and the train is extremely boring so there isn't much distraction, even looking out of the window gets boring fast. It may take a while but eventually you will start on your paper :D

03-13-11, 09:41 PM
My experience with terms papers is that i do my best writing when I stress myself out an unholy amount by waiting until the last minute and typing all ten pages at 10 o'clock the night before it's due.

I really don't recommend that approach. It's not healthy, or wise.

Edit: Identityunknown is right about having all your research in a form that isn't online. I can't get any work done if my research is online. I have to print it all out if I want to get anything done. I spend a fortune on printing, but I'm less likely to get distracted.

If you don't have a train compartment available try an empty closet. I've done that before. It worked pretty well but it really freaked out my room mate. Although it was her own fault, she wouldn't quit trying to talk to me.

03-13-11, 09:46 PM
look online for the MLA guide for writing a term paper. thats what i use. i set due dates for each section like i would be handing each step in. itll make more sense when you look it up.

yeah, writing a term paper too. i hate them!

03-14-11, 12:12 AM
When I write an article, most of time, I figure out exactly what I want to write about and lay out every single paragraph. The planning part with ADD isn't easy, but I find myself to be a little more free of worry when I have planned it out.

How long is this bad boy?

03-14-11, 01:49 AM
Oh it only has to be 7-10 pages, but I am only on page one....

03-14-11, 01:54 AM
Oh it only has to be 7-10 pages, but I am only on page one....

That's not that much.:rolleyes: You're gonna have to break it up. 5 pages for one section. 5 pages for the second part. Whatever numerical value you chose, pick a number. You'll have an easier time hitting it.:D