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03-14-11, 01:35 AM
I've been feeling really depressed lately,thought I might as well see if anyone has advice on here.

I'm 17 and in senior year of highschool, passing all my courses execpt physics which I'm trying to bring up. I'm just feeling overwhelmed and depressed about life right now. Mostly because of my parents. They think I'm a failure because I'm not a straight A's student and not going to take some bacholer of whatever in university, Im accepted into a college though for a trades program.

Things have gotten so bad between us that my mom resents me living in the house and constantly nags over stuiped add stuff that I try to control. One example would be leaving a plate in the sink and forgetting about it, I must hear "take your pills already!" and "why are you so ____?" which leads to arguments. My dad has already let me know several that I'm getting kicked out in three months after I graduate... Home is just a negative place to be. There's a whole lot of other things going on as well, but the bad thing is is that I can't really rent a place in my name untill I'm 18 (next Jan) which I'm totally stressed about and just don't know what to do.... Sorry for the whole novel, maybe I just needed to vent. I'm just sick of life.

03-14-11, 08:11 AM

I'm sorry about what you are having to deal with just now. I'm sure your parents believe they are just pushing you to do your best. The thing is, I have loads of advice about dealing with depression and even on how to deal with people who are making our life tougher than it needs to be.

But discovering what might help you the most is the problem. So why not write some more about the extent of your depression and maybe a little more about your home life. I'm a great believer in journal writing. I believe writing about our frustrations helps get some of those feeling out. So writing some more here might help.

03-14-11, 08:22 AM
I understand where you are coming from having gone through the same thing myself. I was lucky to have had an easier time than most people at school, however, my sister who's has always been the black sheep in the family- academia wise is going through this too.

My most important advice would be to not give up and let what they say get to you- because being depressed and having to study is hard. If you can't speak to anyone at home- see if there is a counsellor at school or in your area you can talk to- they will really help.

What I found as well, was that the years before going into uni- where soo stressful- my parents really were stressed and it did not help me. So I did heaps of volunteering work- it helps with your application- and it's really nice way of meeting new people and helping others- and being out of the house!

If you have any other problems- feel free to private mail me anytime.

03-16-11, 09:18 PM
Your situation relates to my problems in the past, i can trow you a few words of advice.

- As dire as the situation seems, never start telling lies.

- Have a grow-up talk with your parents, forcing you to A rates is bad parenting on their side.

- If they do kick you out of the house, make sure to make a stand. I bet you want to get some things of your chest

- Going to the UNI at a young age is overrated, earn a little money and get to know yourself. You seem to come from a familiy that has a very narrow/surfacial look on life. ( no offence intended )

- Always keep in touch with your doc and friends in situations like this