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03-21-11, 03:38 PM
I have a wonderful psychiatrist that I really like and I've been seeing her for a while now. She has been very good at helping with the ADHD and some of my anxiety issues. I'm having trouble though because I definitely have some social anxiety problems that I want to discuss with her and work through because they're having a big impact on my life, but I can't bring myself to bring it up. Part of it is because I don't feel like sharing some of the reasons why I feel this anxiety - it's too painful to go back and relive some of the experiences I've had - not that they were even all that bad, I've just coped with them by pushing the thoughts away. I'm afraid that if I get into it I'm going to completely break down and be a basket case and I just don't want to do that. I'm ok with a little crying in therapy but I just don't want to be bawling. Also, I'm embarrassed to talk about some of these things. They're painful experiences.
I guess what I'd like in my ideal world is to tell her - I have social anxiety, can you prescribe meds for it? And not have to deal with the underlying issues. But at the same time I know that the only way to overcome this is to work through it.
Any suggestions?

03-22-11, 03:26 AM
Email this to her.