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08-18-04, 01:16 AM
Name: Harriet Steinberg, RN, BSN, MN
Title: AD/HD Coach / Professional Organizer
Address: 13105 Rogers Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: 503-970-6969
Professional Associations: ADD Consults, National Center for Gender Issues and ADD (NCGIADD), Optimal Functioning Institute (OFI), National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO Oregon, National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD), Northwest Coaches Association (NWCA).
Member of ADDA: Yes
Member of CHADD: Yes

Type of organization: Private Practice
Services provided: Individual coaching in life, time, space, and information management. I help clients with AD/HD maximize their ability to set and reach their goals and function at their best.
Age groups served: Adults, high functioning young adults
Modality: Telephone, In Person, Individuals, Couples

Set cash fee

OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm; Evenings negotiable

08-18-04, 07:33 AM
Mrs. Milele Landrum
Coach and Trainer
Portland, OR 97220
Phone: 503-253-8083
Fax: 503-254-3579

Dana Rayburn
2935 David Lane
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-535-2264

Laurie Van-Si
ADD/LD coach
Essential Insights
7421 SE Eldorado ST
Milwaukie, OR 97267
Phone: 503-722-7733

Laurie Van-Si
ADD / LD coach
Essential Insights
7421 SE Eldorado ST
Milwaukie, OR 97267
Phone: 503.722.7733 ec

12-01-04, 03:46 AM
I'm an ADD coach in Oregon...

12-01-04, 05:27 AM
Do ya know of any more coaches in Oregon not listed? It would be great to have more info :)

12-01-04, 08:48 PM
Yes! My sister-in-law (also on ADD forums) is a coach in Oregon along with me. She is busy having a baby now but in a few months she will be accepting new clients.

She is "StayWithMeHere" on the board, or as we in the "real word" like to call her, Jennifer Mitchell. : )

We can both be reach via. either of our websites, (This is our funny one...)
or (This is about our practice)

BTW: We both have ADD. (If you hadn't already figured that out...)

Ginger : )

12-02-04, 12:16 AM
:) Coolies Ginger..Congrats to your sister

02-01-09, 07:20 AM
If you know of a good ADD coach in the state of Oregon please use this area to share this information - one may also include online coaches you have experience with -

This isn't an invitation to violate the guidelines against solicitations - so please be some one who has experience with a coach not a coach here advertising - The ones presented here were posted before the guideline against members professional solicitations were written - in other wards they were "grandfathered" in

Please mention area of Oregon or weather you contact the coach on-line, by phone, smoke signals ect

Boss Dog
04-07-09, 03:17 PM
I know of a highly recommended online coach although she's in Austin, Texas, not Oregon. She has dealt with clients in Canada as well as other states in the USA. Her website is There are testimonials on her site for those with whom she has coached or mentored.