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The Mouse in the Cage

The small mouse was resting in his metal, gray cage when he perked up, suddenly alert. He sniffed the air and could distinguish the mouthwatering aroma of cheese. The excited mouse followed the scent and lo and behold, near one of the far ends of this twisting maze of a cage, he saw a delectable piece of cheese. Excited, the mouse rushed towards the cheese just as it disappeared as if it were all a dream. The mouse stood there dazed and confused, not sure of what had just transpired.

Just then, the equally pleasing aroma of peanut butter assaulted his senses and the cheese was all but forgotten as the again excited mouse rushed through the maze toward the pleasant aroma. However, when he reached the peanut butter, it again disappeared leaving no indication that it had ever been there. The mouse, confused as ever tried to understand what was happening, but as another pleasant scent flowed through the cage, he could not help but rush after it.

It had been quite some time that the mouse had been rushing after the mouth-watering scents, but each time had been met with disappointment after disappointment. Just as he thought he had reached the source of the pleasant aromas, they disappeared without a trace as if they had never existed. The mouse’s chases had become less and less enthusiastic until he finally plopped down in the center of the cage, tired and fed up with it all and hungrier than ever. The poor mouse wanted out.

Just as these thoughts were spiraling through his tired mind, the mouse perked up again. This time he had heard a small, squeaky noise as that of unoiled metal rubbing against itself. The mouse crept toward the noise warily. As he rounded a bend, to his great surprise, he saw an open door. The mouse could scarcely believe his eyes. Was this it? Was he free? The mouse’s wariness was forgotten as he rushed toward the open door with renewed exuberance and hope. He was free! Free from this world of pain and confusion! Free at last!

Just as the mouse reached the door, it slammed shut right in his nose and he crashed into the metal wall of the cage. The small mouse now felt even more confused than ever and extremely frustrated. The door had been opened wide, but it had shut right in his face. Out of the corner of his eye, the mouse saw another door creak open and his hope was renewed. He rushed at the door, but just as before, it slammed shut right in his nose.

The mouse continued hurling himself frustratedly at all these open doors, but all of them slammed shut just as he was reaching them. The mouse was so fed up, he could’ve cried. He began to run against the metal walls of the cage, hoping that maybe he could break through and would be free, but the metal would not give. Battered and bruised, with all hope lost, the mouse wearily crawled to the center of the cage and curled up into a tight, exhausted ball. All around him he could hear the sound of doors opening and slamming shut and many mouth-watering scents wafted his way, but they no longer held the hope and excitement they had before. He was sick of having everything taken away from him before he could reach it, sick of running into walls and sick of having his hopes and dreams dashed again and again. He ran as fast as he could, drove as hard as he could, but it was all to no avail.

The little mouse, exhausted and depressed, curled up even tighter. A small wet tear escaped his eye. It was just too much.

Suddenly the cage fell quiet. The mouse took very little notice. After a bit, he heard one single door creak open. A ray of light entered through the door and landed on him. The little mouse looked up. He saw the shining door at the end of the cage open wide for him. Was this a trick? Perhaps a figment of his imagination? Was he dead and that was heaven calling? But he was too hurt to be dead and he was sure he wasn’t imagining things. The sweet smell of nature wafted through the door. Was this freedom at last?

The small mouse got to his feet, faced the door and set his face. He was going to give this one last try. He would give it all he had. Maybe he would make it…he hoped he would make it. He had hope and determination, two things that had been missing when he had been curled up in a little ball. At the count of three, the mouse shot towards the door. This time he knew he couldn’t loose. The cage could not hold him in.

As always, feedback is highly appreciated. Now for the interactive part; how many of you have ever felt like a mouse in a cage?

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feedback please? anyone? thanks