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How I'll try to counter household-doom today.

Posted 10-18-11 at 04:22 AM by Etcetera
Updated 10-18-11 at 04:55 AM by Etcetera
Ah, every ADHD-female's arch-nemesis: Household chores.

Tidying up, laundry, folding and ironing said laundry, dishes (thank the Maker for dishwashers!), cleaning,... KEEPING IT CLEAN.

But today, I'll tackle it using the following ADHD-tactic: Divide and conquer. Not like I'll divide among the different members of my family (which would only be me and my boyfriend) -- I've tried that tactic and he's more sloth than me. Me being unable to be a "non-sloth" (not a choice), brings out the worst in him. Him being a sloth makes me worse too.
Oh well: Home alone today and my dad is coming over in... say... four or five hours from now!

It has been bad the last two weeks too. First; they came with our new bed, so all my energy was on that bed. But it came with so much plastic and package, that there is still a lot of that around the house!
Then, the weekend of Oct the 8th, it was my boyfriend's birthday. Nice and chill. Didn't do much, thought I'd just do it the Tuesday after (since I was home after all). No luck; my mom was home too and I decided to hang out there.

House wasn't clean anymore, but it was okay to wait till the next weekend. Friday noon, as I got home, I managed to do some stuff. But only the most necessary of all (which was actually almost only the carpet in the living room, which is still now in the garage...)

And I had so much planned for the weekend. Well, mostly snippets, but it "works". Especially since I annoy my boyfriend who in his turn just cleans to avoid me (it's a tactic that's been working for a year now).
But then came the pain. A very bad pain in my jaw, which makes my ear hurt - and my teeth hurt. And generally makes me so depressed because I couldn't figure out what triggered it now (I do have jaw problems since a while now, but I've managed the pain a while now by being careful). Even suicide felt better than the pain!
So, you understand now: I've a lot to do. Nothing really happened here the last two weeks and my boyfriend is a SLOTH. I'm no innocent either; can't blame only him for this madness in my house.
And my dad is coming... So, it is becoming urgent.

But onto how I'll counter this. How I'll try to get it clean. I do not only want the living room tidied, because I want to able to show my dad my bedroom too; my new bed! I'm so proud! I had to save so much for that. (Size: 180x220cm, in other words: Very long, very wide (Kingsize) and expensive -- was needed since my boyfriend is 6'7").

Derailing here!...

I set up mini-plans. I told to myself:
I'll start with the dishwasher. Empty if needed; try to fill up if possible with the 4 or 5 empty glasses next to my laptop and other stuff I might find around the house.
Then I'll fold the towels that are on the kitchen table.
Then I'll go upstairs and get the laundry + bed sheets and hide all the adult things no person wants to see from their daughter. (cough)
Then I'll wash the sheets while the dryer is filled with my clothes.
And then -- I'll sit down, have a nice break to do whatever I wish (apparently writing a blog) and re-think the next few things I want to do.

So: Next few things on my list:
FIRST: The coffee table.
Then: Empty bottles shattered around in the living room.
Then: Diner table.
Then: Kitchen table.
Then: Taking out dried laundry, place it on kitchen table, place sheets in the dryer (and turn it on), then place new laundry to wash (and turn it on); then fold clothes

And then: Sit down and re-think.

Snippets. Very small snippets. Stuff that can be accomplished in half an hour (or so). No timing. Just doing. Then: Break and see what needs to be done. Very important. Again: Not timed.

Only "timer" I do have is that I need to have the house in an "okay"-state by less than four hours now.

But he is my dad (he's not as frantic as my mom and is a sloth anyway as well) and I do have a good reason if it's not perfect.

So the pressure is "just okay", but more than good enough.

My main goal: Invite my mom and dad on Saturday for dinner. Which means perfect house. Clean and everything. Not like my mom judges me (anymore) -- she has come to terms with ADHD (and quite possibly accepts now that she has a "right to be different" too); but I hate it when she does parts of my household -- she is a professional cleaning lady (inside people's houses; mostly elderly) so it's her second nature.
And it's my first nature to hate it.

But I wouldn't mind eating some chicken and fries this weekend with my parents on my clean diner room table. While my house is spot on neat.

Well! Off to the coffee table now! I'll let you know just how well this "tactic" went. And rate it -- because that is why I'm writing this down. To rate tactics and hints and tricks.
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