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Rant About Rude People

Posted 09-09-09 at 01:18 AM by Asylum
'Please don't tell me you don't believe ADD exists.'

Is it really necessary for me to have to say this? After all,
Its rude.
Its hurtful.
It makes one feel isolated.
Its always said to me by people who aren't doctors.
There's an innate need in people to push their own opinions onto others. By others I mean me. Its like watching (to use an old adage) a bull at a gate. No sooner has your own words floated free of your mouth than the person standing in front of you is off and running, their racehorse thoughts thundering ahead and making that finish line.
And its not like I don't get the need to express ourselves. We all have that need. Its what makes us 'us', wether its by what we say, how we appear to others, what we do for a crust and what we produce, either creatively or practically. We spend a lot of time during the day silently shouting to the world 'This is me! No-one is like me! And do you like my shoes?'
But Iím so heartedly sick of people who already know everything.
I've had depression since I was a teenager and was born with ADD. And I can't talk about either of these. Its a pity I canĎt offer up something more tangible.
'My leg fell off when I was five. Now I have this fake leg.'
(People get fake legs.)
'I have migraines.'
'I have dandruff.'
'I have bi-polar'
These are things people can, if not understand, at least respect enough to nod sympathetically and keep their mouths shut. Well maybe not the dandruff, but even then they're more likely to do something helpful, like buy you a bottle of shampoo.
But not my little demons, oh no. As soon as I mention them the blank stares slide over faces that were friendly just a nano-second before. The eyes start rolling, the sighing starts. I feel like an old black and white movie. Not one of the cool ones that has people saying 'It was sooooooo ahead of its time!' Just the ones that have poor sound and painfully bad acting, the ones that just annoying and have you wondering just why you're watching it in the first place. And then, like a slow and unstoppable avalanche of dumbness, the statements start pouring forth. I won't repeat them because Iíll just sound bitter and there's not enough room on this page. But they're all the same, inaccurate bits and pieces that have been repeated by others, or sometimes spewed from 'informative' current affair shows.
I'm not sure what these people think my response should be. Surely they don't believe I should discard all the facts (not to mention my personal experience) and research and suddenly think 'Hell yea, I just need to think positive!'
Then why, I ask, would someone tell me 'I don't believe in depression. Youíre just feeling sorry for yourself.'
Why would they say 'I don't believe in that ADD thing, its just something the pharmaceutical companies made up to get rich.'
Its a statement made with no thought whatsoever to the other person's feelings. Its a statement meant to dismiss, to patronise and to say 'I know more on the subject than you do.'

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    girlwednesday's Avatar
    Dear Asylum,
    people are morons. Personally, I wouldnt even bother having such a detailed conversation with anyone..maybe its being middle aged or maybe its the peri menopausal thing thats going on with me right now. but if you do feel so incline and to respond. just say something as equally you dont believe in headaches/sinus infections..ect... since you never got cant exist..just a way for drug companies to make money..while you are at it..mention that this huge epidemic of children being born with Autism 1/100 is just some sort of propaganda// brought on by Jenny Mcarthy to sell more books///; you get my drift.. dont worry Karma will get these people in the end..
    Posted 09-14-09 at 02:32 PM by girlwednesday girlwednesday is offline
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