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Running and ADHD presentation

Posted 02-05-08 at 01:05 AM by Ian
Updated 02-05-08 at 01:16 AM by Ian
I'm having a tough time believing that reducing my runs from four to three times a week and turning two of the three into more instense runs has demanded so much more out of my quads. I was supposed to run on Saturday, but was just too short of sleep to muster it. I ran on Sunday and logged four miles with the middle two at tempo pace. I was tired today, but ran a slow three miles anyway. I look pale. Life is just busy, that's it, that's all, that's everything.

I'm getting some really good feedback from the ADHD presentation my wife and youngest put on for a teaching "in service" day on Friday. I've never been so focused. Must be old age getting the better of me. :P

It was brilliant to deliver such a potent message with such chearance. I knew it was strong when I was doing it, but the comments are still coming in and they were from the members I was aiming for. Namely the support staff, administration and teachers that don't think they should play a role in accomodating the special needs kids in regular class rooms.

Here in Manitoba it's mandatory to be inclusive that way.

Pierrette is a teacher and very accustomed to speaking publicly. Manon has won numerous provincial first and second place victories in all types of public speaking, but I'm usually not capable of pulling all together to deliver what I want at game time, but not on Friday. Friday was my Superbowl. I nailed it.

I have been meaning to write something about the ego centric nature of living with a busy brain like mine. It wasn't until I got to understand that I didn't want to have my part in the presentation to be an Ian circus that it all began to settle into place. How could I serve these hard working professionals best? That was it, and with that idea I was off to the races. I really hope we get asked to do this gig again. I've got some ideas for improving the impact and content of the message.

If anyone has any insight into things that help in dealing with ADHD types, please pipe up. We can't have too many of those ideas. :P

Going through the photo archive while reflecting on all the different things I've studied made me smile inside. I make a good father.
Rave on.

Losing face? Naw... just a new skin! It's the cost of growth, or weight loss, whatever.
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    Interesting photo, I had to give up the Herp hobby last spring. I was very busy growing my own feeder rodents also, because the pet shops would run out of the sizes that I needed. I lost my job and could not afford to feed the rodents anymore. I held onto the Snakes for a couple months, but, I was paying $4 for rats and $1.50 or more for mice.

    I need to get the activity that you have and a gym membership as well, right now it's rather challenging though.

    I would like to get involved with CHADD once I get my life back in order again. I had some good experiences with an Adult group they had, but, I had to stop because of the 65 mile drive and gasoline expenses.

    Good luck and God Bless from California.
    Posted 02-05-08 at 02:31 AM by ronald209 ronald209 is offline
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    Ian's Avatar

    getting back up

    Hi ronald209
    It's a tough thing for me when I run out of cash flow to the point I can't support my habits. I've been there and it's a real trick to climb the sides of the ditch when I'm so low.

    I got started running over a panic attack I thought was going to prevent me from doing the work I was doing at the time. After that was more secure, I discovered that a proper low intensity (talking is a go, but not singing) cardio workout is great medicine for many things. Now it's my primary means of keeping myself out of that ditch of self loathing that brought me to a stand still.

    It's not easy to avoid injury when running because of how demanding the sport is, but I used my head and I've been uncharacteristically patient with my progress.

    I love running and have come to protect my privilege of doing it. I took a full five weeks off this winter, just as a means of being sure to allow my body to be recovered in ways I might not have noticed that it might be in need of a break. There are a lot of suggestions for beginning programs on line, but if you need a hand, please ask.

    I was helped greatly when I began by a support thread here where I took 14 weeks to progress from walking twenty minutes a day to running a half hour three or four times a week.

    I hope you get into a place where you can once again enjoy some herpetiles in your life. Herps are good fun, although the amphibians are on the way out here. I just sold a 50g tank with two White's frogs, two anoles and a red banded rubber frog. I sold my roach colony too, but that's another thing all together.

    The shed is from a mature male jungle carpet python. It's winter and he's looking for a mate so he's really active. I would love to have a floor to ceiling display for him when he's so active. He's eight feet of snake that looks pretty good when he's climbing. I have a big image thread here somewhere that showcased my collection.

    Here's a few examples to keep you motivated. I hope you feel motivated! This too shall pass you know, but not without some investment on your part. Life is short, play hard!

    A lot of my collection comes from rescue situations. You can cruise my flickr account and go through the various sets and collections there to get a better sense of the trouble I'm in. My youtube account has some shots of my savannah monitor too. I love that thing. He's a beast.

    My jungle carpet python playing like he's a green tree python

    Grammostola aureostriata - Chaco golden knee full

    I love my new rainbow boa although she's quite shy.
    Posted 02-05-08 at 10:37 AM by Ian Ian is offline
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    Kimalimah's Avatar
    Your rainbow boa has the same colors as my new quilt! Beautiful!
    Posted 02-07-08 at 08:13 AM by Kimalimah Kimalimah is offline
  4. Old
    Ian's Avatar


    I hope you'll post lots of images as you go! I know I've had a sneak peek at some of your work and it's electric! Bring it on!
    Posted 02-07-08 at 12:30 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    If anyone has any insight into things that help in dealing with ADHD types, please pipe up. We can't have too many of those ideas.
    I think your exercise and running program is one of the best ways to address all types of ADD - I guess what I do not understand and as a hyperactive person I probably never will is - why would any one in their right mind think it is normal for a child to sit still for an hour - why is sitting still considered normal to begin with. Our bodies were designed to move.

    I think that my mom's greatest gift of love was her acceptance. She didn't try to change me she didn't expect me to be like every one else. She taught me to accept my self while considering the feeling of others.

    She looked for ways to work within who I was as a person Her focus was more on how to redirect my energies or modify my expressions . . . instead of expecting me to be some thing I wasn't designed to be.

    Here is a post I wrote a long time ago, the important stuff begins after the last quote - despite my apparent frustration I believe I describe what life is like inside my hyperactive self - I explain why I think so many of my fellow hyperactive ADDers end up in the judicial system . . .and why as a hyperactive child I wiggled despite some times even harsh punishments.

    Despite the severity of my ADHD I wasn't diagnosed until I was almost 30 yet I had a nursing license before I was old enough to legally buy beer. I think I was able to function as well as I did because of my mother's emphasis upon working with in my own nature instead of wasting time trying to fight it. I think that is how I avoided many of the problems I read about here. . . . like depression, self loathing, anxiety, ect. . . .

    Early apologies if I mis-read.
    Posted 02-10-08 at 12:36 PM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  6. Old
    Ian's Avatar
    Mis-read? Not at all. Thank-you for tipping me to your earlier post. Much of what you have mentioned is exactly what I was asking for. Merci!
    Posted 02-10-08 at 12:59 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    You have some pretty snakes - is the spider a resident or was he just passing though?
    Posted 02-13-08 at 04:32 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    Thank-you. I really like some of the snakes too.

    We don't have any arachnids that are nearly that large here (southern Manitoba). We have far too strong a winter season here to sustain any life that is venomous. I do have an in interest in many things of course and captive bred arachnids are among those interests.

    My flickr account is divided up into sets and collections. The arachnid set hasn't been updated in a while. I am trying to negotiate a new camera.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Posted 02-13-08 at 01:52 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    skitterscatter's Avatar
    Running + ADHD?? Can we link to your presentation?
    Posted 02-18-08 at 11:28 AM by skitterscatter skitterscatter is offline
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    Ian's Avatar

    I still get shivers

    I did my part live, unfiltered, unaided and unadulterated. Linking to me directly can be a hazard.
    Posted 02-20-08 at 01:29 AM by Ian Ian is offline
  11. Old
    re: running vs. panic attacks

    That strategy is right out of the book WAKING THE TIGER, Ian!
    Posted 03-03-08 at 01:50 PM by QueensU_girl QueensU_girl is offline
  12. Old
    Ian's Avatar
    Could you tell me more about the book Walking The Tiger? I don't want to hear what I can read on line. I want to hear your insight if you care to offer it.
    Cheers! Ian
    Posted 09-12-08 at 01:55 AM by Ian Ian is offline
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