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Deleting Posts..

Posted 05-26-08 at 08:37 AM by 4gotAgain
I deleted alot of my old posts. I read through them. Alot appear almost contradictory.
I think I just got to indepth into studying my own mind, it became to complex and it came across like I was contradicting myself? And probably annoying the hell out of everyone. lol..

It was helpful to me anyhow...Finding out who I am and how I think. But like usual I tend to hyperfocus on my interests..sometimes a bit too much.

I was going through possibilities, memories, anything that would help get closer to understanding my thought process...not necessarily in order and just exploring different possibilities (eg my visual-spatial thinking and its effects, hearing loss/earaches etc)

Okay moving on now..
I'm going on a natural diet. At the moment it's just a two week trial. Based on past results, I'm pretty sure it will help me out with focus and less hyperactivity and impulsiveness.
I'm also getting back into running. There's a mountain at the end of my road which is perfect for training.

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  1. Old
    Zach326's Avatar
    Contradict your self?

    IS that even POSSIBLE!


    I can't believe you just thought that!

    But I am You!

    You're who?


    Why thats just ridiculous!

    You've just called your self ridiculous!

    No I haven't!

    but we're the same person!

    Then why do you keep disagreeing with me?

    Ok... wait....

    If you delete old things because they do not agree with new ones, then you miss the chance of looking back and observing your path to knowledge - whatever that entails...

    Self Discovery!!!

    Just who is this I that I call me?!?!

    It contradicts its self... that is for sure...

    but how can a self have a self which that self contradicts...


    Madness... Absurdity.... oh.... now I get it! :D
    Posted 05-27-08 at 02:38 PM by Zach326 Zach326 is offline
  2. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    lol funny..but you do make a good point!

    when you delete your blog entries on here, it means you can see it yourself but others cant see it.

    Well i understood my posts perfectly while I was writing them, so i know exactly what i mean just others might not lol..

    oh and i get what i mean when i say contradict myself too
    Its kinda like my own language ya know?
    Posted 05-27-08 at 11:34 PM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline

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