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Great minds think alike, right?

Posted 05-28-08 at 04:38 PM by SuperChan
So why does it bother me when mine or my husbands spending sprees go rampant, but it doesn't bother him. I can't stand to have accounts in negative standing. He on the other hand will max out however much he can. I was at the doctor today and it actually made me cry to the doc. I didn't mean for it too, it just happened, and now I'm randomly crying. I just want things to be ok. He ignores his debt to the point that we lost our entire tax return this year and the stimulus check. Granted the debt we lost it to was prior to our marriage, but still, it is a pattern.

We are both bi-polar, but I don't consider that an excuse, just an explanation for behavior. My husband sees the same doc I do for our disorder, and the doc actually asked me to come into his next appointment to talk about gaining control of the money and handling various other issues around the house.

I am just exhausted from the money game, I'm to the point that I want to get a second job to make it end.
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    Zoie's Avatar
    Knowing the both of you, I wish I had some adivce or a quick solution for you.

    I think if anything, since its his debt, he should get the second job. Besides, you are maxed out on time enough as it is.

    I think there is a chance he doesn't know how this is really affecting you. I could be wrong, I have not been around when you two discuss things. But from what I know (again I could be wrong) he has always had help getting out of debt, otherwise he just piles up more and doesn't think about it nor has he really be forced to deal with it before now.

    Only when he realizes the consequences of his actions will he be forced to make a choice. Continue to live this way, or do something about it.

    I can clearly see the impact this has on you, the impact it has had on you for some time now. Again, I wish there was something I could do or say to make it all better. *hugs*
    Posted 05-28-08 at 06:23 PM by Zoie Zoie is offline
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    ScrambleBrain's Avatar
    credit cards are evil.... cut them up now... youll never pay those debts off and soemtimes it ends in suicide
    Posted 12-23-08 at 06:13 PM by ScrambleBrain ScrambleBrain is offline
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