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Posted 05-29-08 at 01:45 AM by murphy40
for such a long time my mother (high school counselor and my english teacher) recently thought i may have aspergers. my son has autism (PDD-NOS). My daughter exhibits signs of anxiety/depression and mood swings and lack of attention to the mundane, like add'ers (me).

i am not insane by thinking i am most likely on the spectrum as well. my doctor asked me a while back to undergo a full day of testing to determine my analysis of who i am or, rather, what i have. i think it's no question that i am on the autism spectrum. aspergers and adhd make sense to me more than autism. years of dealing with it undiagnosed make one depressed, anxious and we don't fit in to the norm.

grant you i was highly social and to regard me from a glimpse outside would astound you that i may be more than adhd. my son is so handsome and genius. i'm high IQ, easy on the eyes, but this kid takes the quirky cake onward and upward. i am proud to have a son and daughter like themselves because i understand it.

honestly, it really, really sucks not being diagnosed earlier. i know my parents didn't 'want to know anything was wrong (so to speak) with me or any of their children. but she was MY teacher and was in full acknowledgement of the fact i had adhd when i told her a year ago. what the double hockey sticks???

i've been reading posts on here from autism, aspergers and other in adults who were lately diagnosed. i fit the bill. i had an abusive marraige. my mind can tap out, zone out and go somewhere fitting for me at the moment. it takes various frameworks of time for me to come out of my comfort 'zone'. i know this is frustrating to those around me. but, i get highly charged thinking that i could've helped my kids better had i known more about me. me is a high octane social butterfly to in a crysalis butterfly off and on.

my son is the same. he is genius. i am intelliegent and above average and happen to be blonde. he is the one 'Rainman' that is born in amazement. i'm not angry, just researching this forum's posts, etc. has confirmed my beliefs that mom is correct in thinking i am on the spectrum.

so, i'm going to take the full day phsyc test to determine who and what i am. would rather have gone through this 15 years ago. but, if it will help my kids i'll do it. if i was single, forget what people think.
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