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AC issues (RANT)

Posted 05-29-08 at 04:01 PM by Lady Lark
So, last year we bough a brand new home, and this past April the AC unit broke. Just past our one year move in warranty (of course). This left us with a $650 repair bill, since it was leaking coolant, and that junk is expensive!

So, I contact Lennox. i very calmly explain the situation, how this unit is barely a year old, how this tubbing was not spaced properly, and therefore spent the last year rubbing against the drier filter wearing it out until it finally failed, leaking out $400 worth of coolant. I even sent pictures of the failed part, and a copy of the repair bill.

So all in all I figured I did it right. I stayed calm, rational, and pointed out what I would like to see happen, and asked what they were going to do about this little problem.

Well we finally got a reply.

*paraphrase* "We're terribly sorry this happened, but it's not our fault. Better luck next time."

My most favorite part was this:
"We at lennox Industries Inc, value all of our customers, and it is our policy to provide the highest quality product."

Apparently they don't value their customers all that much, or they'd be willing to work with me.

I would have been content with them paying just half of this bill, after all, it's a brand new unit.

It's not like we've been here for years and never did the maintenance on the thing. It's not like we use it as a backdrop for practicing ball. I never even used it for sword practice.

Why am I stuck paying for a bill that never should have happened?

Stupid Lennox. I'm never buying from them again. Sure, the unit works nice, but it's not worth the lousy customer service.
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    I spoke with a news station who advised me to try Richmond American (they were the home builder) to see if they would do anything, even thought it was past the one year warranty.

    After some back and forth, the short answer is nope. We didn't call, they can't prove it was their fault, etc. Apparently we have a two year warranty on installation (nice to finally hear that, after the fact), and they won't reimburse us.

    So, I have a bunch of finger pointing going on, and I'm still stuck with the bill.

    Back to the news station to see if they can do anything.
    *fingers crossed*
    Posted 06-17-08 at 02:02 PM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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    planetdave's Avatar
    Lady Lark said

    'I never even used it for sword practice.'

    Most excellent! Tres funny (wish I'd thought of that one first).
    Posted 07-07-08 at 03:37 PM by planetdave planetdave is offline
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    Well, I am never buying from them again. I don't care how good their product is (and it can't be all that great if it broke after one year), the customer service just ain't worth it.

    They won't budge. Not for me, not to compromise, not for the news station that called them. I could go to small claims court, but why? It's just too much. I'm writing this off as a very expensive lesson learned, and writing them a nice letter telling them what I think of their customer service.
    *evil grin*
    Posted 08-05-08 at 05:37 PM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    I guess this would be the last update on this matter.

    I contacted the BBB, and Lennox wouldn't budge for them either. I suppose that there's the small satisfaction of knowing that for the next three years there will be a "unsatisfactory" mark on their record.

    Definitely never buying from them again. I don't care how great their product is, the customer service just isn't worth it.
    Posted 09-03-08 at 08:48 PM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    want company?? or are you already there?
    Posted 10-04-08 at 07:03 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    Lady Lark's Avatar
    Meadd, you rock.
    Posted 11-06-08 at 10:54 AM by Lady Lark Lady Lark is offline
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