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Newbie~ ~ Self-introduction

Posted 02-13-08 at 12:25 PM by R O C
Hello I am new to this site and am looking for some experience, strength and hope. I have recently realized that I may have more problems than the addiction that I have been working on for 20+ years. I believe I may be a dual diagnosis, but have not been to a professional as of yet. I was diagnosed with depression and S.A.D. about three years ago and did not want to take any medication, due to my addictive personality. I am an addict first and trying to stay in recovery. I would appreciate any and all help in this search.
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    Andrew's Avatar
    Do a search on these forums for Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. We've had quite a few posts on it...and members have shared their experiences.
    Posted 02-13-08 at 09:40 PM by Andrew Andrew is offline
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    Zoie's Avatar
    I am also in recovery and now dealing with a bipolar diagnosis... I understand your hesitance for medication...

    For me I am coming to realize that my use was just a way to self medicate... to try to stop feeling the way I felt because life just f***ing hurt. Medication is still a scary step for me... but I know that at this point, I want my life to work. I want to be able to live a normal life... even though I have no idea what that looks like.

    There are alternatives to medication (like exercise and proper nutrition), just do the research and talk with your doctor. Communication will only benefit you in the long run.

    Good luck
    Posted 02-15-08 at 04:08 PM by Zoie Zoie is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    mental note - try to remember the thought long enough to get it down on this comment thing -

    I have used drug in the past - I have been in recovery - I have also been on Adderall for a decade without a problem.

    Last month I quit smoking cigarettes - I have never really been a depressed person - I am normally pleasantly busy. I have noticed an increasing problem with depression. I have discovered depression sucks severely . . . if I could loose it as readily as I do every thing else in my life it would be nice.

    My point before Chantix came along they prescribed antidepressants to help folks quit smoking - I know the claims about Chantix causing depression. It isn't the Chantix causing the depression - I thought of that so I discontinued the Chantix two weeks ago - butt my depression continues to get worse - I am now having to take a supplement that threw me into mania two months ago. Good thig I forgot to throw it out.

    Snapaziod moment in thinking history - I may have avoided depression all these years through the use of nicotine. . . . I may have been addicted to cigarettes for a "real" reason.

    Scary thought of the day - maybe addiction has a reason other than bad genetics or learned behavior. Maybe we use substances to treat things we didn't even know we had, Is it possible I really did feel mentally better when I smoked cigarettes?

    I have a history of amphetamine use - ask my sister justhope she knows - however I do not have a problem abusing my Adderall - hmm I think there has to be a why in there some where. . .

    Maybe I used amphetamines to treat my ADD -

    Could it be possible addiction isn't as mindless as we have been lead to believe. . . . .?

    This is not an encouragement to use it is just a different way of seeing the why.
    Posted 02-23-08 at 07:30 PM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Just an interesting thread you may find cool - there is a connection between what they are saying and what you are - hard to explain but I think it is probably not necessary
    Her art does it better any way.

    Light and Art
    Posted 02-24-08 at 03:41 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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