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Day Two.

Posted 08-02-08 at 02:35 PM by BTCruiser
Kiddo was up at 7:15 AM, and it was my morning to get up with him. Took my first dose of 10 mg around 7:30, and after about 45 minutes, began to get an itching feeling that we needed to get out of the house. Cleaned and did laundry while he played. Husband got up around 8:30, I took a shower, and at 10 or so, we headed to the zoo.

Side effects so far: non-sleeping last night, obviously. That was an issue.

Also, loose bowels. Talked to the pharmacist at CVS and asked if I could take Immodium, which he said was fine. So we stopped and got some on the way to the zoo.

I'm keeping myself hydrated. Drinking water. Probably not as much as I should, but for me, I'm drinking a lot.

I notice that I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat. I will eat a few bites of something and push it away. Food just doesn't taste good.

I added my Strattera back in today after not taking it yesterday, and will probably talk to doc about at least lowering it back to 80 mg. I think it still does provide some help, it's just not enough. Perhaps the combo of the Adderall and Strattera is what I need. I'll let him decide.

My first dose started wearing off around noon, and I could tell that I was getting easily irritated. Mostly with my husband - I find that I've been less irritated with my son. Not sure why.

Took my second dose of 10 mg around 1 PM. We'll see how that works. I'm supposed to update my doc on Friday, and we'll see what happens when I compare a night like last night, where I got very little sleep, to a night like tonight, where I plan on getting much more sleep. Perhaps my first dose felt like it wore off faster this morning because I was already tired. I am going to have to remind myself that I will still need to sleep right. This is not a replacement for sleep.

I'll update this post later when it's closer to the end of the day.

Editing and adding 3 PM:

I notice I'm having moments of hyperfocus. Where I MUST finish something. Like this blog. I wanted to go get the laundry, but I had to get to the end of my day two entry. And now, folding the laundry, I really needed to step away and let it cool down, but I couldn't put it down because I NEEDED to finish folding it - even though I was sweating because it was too hot.

Just something to note.

Editing 7:30 PM:

The eating thing is going to need to be planned. I'm having a hard time making myself eat anything. Had a Charley Horse earlier, and so I've upped my water, but while I'm hungry at times, I just don't want to eat.

However, I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished today. We went to the zoo this morning, I got two loads of laundry done, folded, and put away, I've cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, we went and got DS' birthday party invites and a couple of things at TRU. DH notices I'm chattier than usual, but once again, I think this is a side effect that will level out.

I've done more today in one day than I usually do in an entire weekend. Sometimes even a week.
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