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To many lemons in life - bother

Posted 02-06-09 at 08:11 AM by meadd823
Updated 02-07-09 at 01:35 AM by meadd823 (brother bother, bob, bad smelling spelling)
I am swimming in lemonade and still experiencing a drought. I have learned most people drink sweet lemonade because the sugar drowns out the sour lemon taste. Don't want to experience any bitter taste. People demand sweet even it is it artificial sweet.

One can only do so much with the lemons of life until one runs out of ideas - I mean lemon pie Lemon chicken, lemon cleaner, lemon balls then we have lemon base ball and some have found ways to drive lemons but they don't usually get very far.

It is hard to smile and pucker at the same time. If the sourness at least prevented me from feeling, thinking or communicating it would serve a purpose - for others at least. The painful taste doe serve to distract me most of the time - enough to get by and not bother others with any thing resembling sour feelings. Mustn't have any of that.

Lemon mind numbing drugs ??? Hey I got it lemon whisky perhaps?? Is that possible??A little intoxication to go with the insanity. Would it be any different than unintoxicated insanity - does it matter. My luck it would just turn out to be lemon vinegar.

Apologies for the brief moment in feelings - I normally try to distance myself from them because frankly not even I am very interested how I feel - why bother life goes on it matters not how I feel .

One of these days it won't be such a disappointment to be reminded of this via good old fashion slap in the face. At one time I had the notion to fight back but I have found it doesn't really matter - one one cares Here today gone tomorrow -

So back be being butt deep in the lemons of life . . . I shall endeavor to continue to wade on and pretend I don't notice.

Most days I just accept what is Keeping that part of me that dares to feel hidden safety from site. . .. I am to be as the role in the play reads . Don't think don't feel just do your part we have slots to fill.

Don't bother understanding it is just a part in the play of life - it isn't supposed to be rewarding

There is no meaning it just is so STFU and do as your told. We know what is right So be a good game piece, put on your plastic face Smile, nice and big and read your script don't think don't feel and damn sure don't tell any one if ya do - because anything and every thing will be used to your disadvantage. . ..

March on ward and upward - no pain no gain keep those weakness covered and out of sight - just pretend it is all going to be all right. This is life it is the way it goes where it stops who the hell knows.

Being distant doesn't mean being absent it just means being apart. Don't worry if you don't know what to say I don't expect any one to really give a damn any way. . . so don't bother feeling bad if you don't.Just enjoy the video and keep up the keeping on. . .

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    Carry on!

    Posted 02-06-09 at 07:43 PM by Retromancer Retromancer is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    You are the cartoon man! Perfect selection yet again

    The lemons I vote to make 'em "enema juice" so I can just get all the crap over and done . . . literally!
    Posted 02-07-09 at 01:40 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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