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Five things I'm grateful for 9/12/08

Posted 09-12-08 at 09:31 AM by justcallmedorie
I've been extremely grumpy lately, some of my life circumstances haven't been quite like I'd like them to be. I've read a few other blogs where the poster(s) have problems that make mine seem totally insignificant and it kind of made me feel humbled, therefore I've decided to (try to) post a few times a week at least 5 things I'm grateful for, hopefully without repeating myself too many times. (And without run-on sentences-lol.)'s my first five:

1. My husband...
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Big boa gets a big meal

Posted 09-12-08 at 01:45 AM by Ian
One of the layer chicken cocks got donated as a snake meal tonight.

This is 640 grams of chicken going down the hatch of a snake that still unsettles me with it's size and willingness to behave without regard for my well being.

It's a terrible shot, but to pull the door away would have likely resulted in him regurgitating the effort so I left him be. I'm just happy he's got a good sized...
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Killing bugs - Why?

Posted 09-11-08 at 10:17 PM by Anna000
My 7yr old son David comes home from school and says 'I'm just going outside to kill some bugs, I hate bugs'.

This is not the first time.

What is this?
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How mental are you....???????

Posted 09-11-08 at 05:55 PM by Anna000
The school.

How mental would they look in a world where everyone had ADHD?

How mental do I look in their world?
Check the looks, they are not doing much to hide those, those self important ladies sitting behind the office desk.

They have NO IDEA what an over reaction is. Tell me I'm over reacting. Mate if they had any idea how much I hold back.

And my son, my strong and courageous son who I have just left again to fend for himself in...
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A difficult day

Posted 09-10-08 at 05:25 PM by jkeelsnc
I am new to these forums. However, i was diagnosed ADD many years ago in High School. I often feel that I have never truly been able to find the amount or the right kind of help to move forward in life the way i want to. In addition, to ADD I now suffer from two addictions. One involves alcohol and the other sex addiction.

Well, getting past that I understand how it is for anyone with ADD/ADHD. Forgetting things, having trouble staying organized, and difficulty with maintaining...
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