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I rather be awake than dreaming

Posted 08-27-08 at 04:01 PM by houts
“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Dreaming, regardless good ones or not, are always a nightmare. I rarely remember anything I dream. Mostly because my sleep pattern is wavering and never a deep one. And typically when I awake, my brain is ready to go and firing. Unless I am very tired and can not jump out of bed right away. This is when my brain becomes more active during sleep....
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Pilin' it on

Posted 08-27-08 at 02:57 PM by ggal
Well, last night went better than expected. Imagine freaking out over nothing. That NEVER happens!!

Today, however, is another story. We're fixin' to go to court tomorrow for permanent custody of Grafter's kids and, of course, chaos is ensuing at the last minute. The ex's lawyer is trying to post-pone the court hearing AGAIN!! Really?!?!!!
I hate this. My mind cannot think of much of anything else. And I really need to be working. But I'm not. I'm here...
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Let the craziness begin...

Posted 08-26-08 at 02:06 PM by ggal
So... today is the first day of school for everyone in my family except for me. Grafter has class this evening, Gboy and Ggirl are both in school today. It's a scheduling nightmare--and all on the first flippin' day! Incredible.

So, happy first day of school everyone! This evening should be a bugger. I have to feed Gboy b/c he's got Little League practice at 6:15 to an undisclosed time. Ggirl is not even coming home tonight until around 9pm--which is actually Gboy's bedtime...
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About me

Posted 08-25-08 at 11:21 AM by ggal
I thought I’d post a blog to tell a bit more about me. How long can these puppies run? : )

Aside from being with Grafter, I’m a 35 yr old female born and raised on the east coast (NJ, specifically)—a transplant to TX (been here over 10 years now), a bit overweight (working on that), a bit stubborn (working on that a bit less than the former issue), tightly wound (didn’t used to be), never been married, no children of my own, cat owner. I possess my associate’s, bachelor’s, and...
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What's normal? What's ADHD? What's parenting?

Posted 08-24-08 at 10:20 AM by Uneek1
This kid is just crazy today! I really think part of it is ADHD but how much of it is just being a regular 5 year old (almost 5), how much is our parenting skills (or as in my Mom's theory - lack off), and how much is ADHD????? I'm getting confused here!

Well he has an appointment on Friday and we'll see what the lady says. In the meantime, he'll just be as crazy as could be I suppose. Aargh!

I was wanting to go to Church today (SOMEDAY I'm gonna start going again!)...
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