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New, and improving..

Posted 08-06-08 at 02:32 AM by etgmru
OK, this is my first blog on this site, and I figured that over here, I can finally be myself without judgement.

I'd like, over the course of a few blogs, to give you a complete autobiography of a nobody in particular (me), and perhaps some of you will be able to see some similarities, or see some patterns that you may be able to help with.

I'd like to start from my earliest memory, and work forward. If no-one reads it, well - that's cool too.
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day 1

Posted 08-05-08 at 09:08 PM by mykill
i always said i had nothing to say to put in a blog. But since today is my first day on meds, i thought maybe i would record my thoughts, side effects, benefits, whatever here.

doc starting me off slow, slightly concerned about blood pressure. 5mg Methylin twice a day this week, 10mg twice a day next week. Took my first one around 12:30 this afternoon. Nothing profound, but i did see some differences, i don't know how much was placebo effect and how much was actual improvement....
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Borderline ADD....

Posted 08-05-08 at 04:58 PM by poemind
Well, I'm just a person who thinks they may be ADD. I'm 37 and have always struggled with certain things that I have recognized in the past few years as symptomatic of ADD.

But I have never had much problem in school, either in public school (K-12) or in college. And it is that one fact that causes me to think that maybe there is something like borderline ADD.

I've posted a thread to that effect on the Adult ADD boards.
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17 hours in the hospital....

Posted 08-03-08 at 08:26 PM by mygreycard
I am now an aunt.
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Day Two.

Posted 08-02-08 at 02:35 PM by BTCruiser (You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.)
Kiddo was up at 7:15 AM, and it was my morning to get up with him. Took my first dose of 10 mg around 7:30, and after about 45 minutes, began to get an itching feeling that we needed to get out of the house. Cleaned and did laundry while he played. Husband got up around 8:30, I took a shower, and at 10 or so, we headed to the zoo.

Side effects so far: non-sleeping last night, obviously. That was an issue.

Also, loose bowels. Talked to the pharmacist at CVS and asked...
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