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Coming Home!!

Posted 04-01-08 at 12:16 PM by MOMUV5IL
Joe's coming home today-- I can't wait to pick him up! He's doing so awesome- best I've seen him in a year. The abilify's really calming his moods-- a little too calm maybe but for now, it'll have to do. I just still want him to be himself-- only without punching holes in doors & throwing things when he's mad. We'll see how he does at home w/his bros-- he can't wait to come home which is good. We asked him what we could do to help him in his recovery process-- he asked us for more structure...
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a start.

Posted 03-31-08 at 08:12 PM by lunaslobo (luna's litterary lunacy)
well i thought this would be a good time to start this blog thing. new at it so it may take me a while to catch on to what i am doing and to what i am supose to do. I really dont know what the content will end up being or even how often i will update it. but good to be in the mix.
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always sitting on the fence of a decision overwhelmed with the choices

Posted 03-30-08 at 10:28 PM by michelle1010
I had to end my business after 14 yrs of what feels like failure and relocate to new orleans but things are still so hard.just reaching a decision feels impossible.round and round my mind will is
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Taking a stab at this

Posted 03-27-08 at 09:36 PM by Lady Lark
It's probably going to end up as some random and confused sounding stream of consciousness, but ah well, you don't have to read it.

Man, am I irritated at the husband. I mean, what does he expect? He complains when he doesn't know the plans because I, "spring things on him", and he complains when I try to tell him what's going to be going on, "I don't care./I don't need to know this crap."
Then there's my "nagging". Too bad...
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Ok, Just One More...

Posted 03-27-08 at 11:48 AM by RunninL8 (Bacchanalia in my brain!)
This is a subject that often comes up and I feel very strongly about this. I always want to shout it out (in a helpful way) to people who seem to self-diagnose themselves or their kids or rely on a doctors simple questionare for a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I'm re-posting it here in the hopes that more people will see it. Here goes:

My opinion is that NO ONE should accept a subjective ADD diagnosis from a shrink or general practicioner who merely asks them a few questions...
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