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Posted 03-03-08 at 10:31 PM by shesocrazy86
Well, I am on day 6 of my new medication. So far the biggest side effect I am dealing with is the appetite suppressant. Not only am I really having to make myself eat, often I getting stomch cramps afterwards. Not that I can completely complain, I have lost some weight.

My only complaint with the Vyvanse is still that it wears off before I get home, so I land up spending my nights just a nutty as before.

Is nutty the politically correct word?

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One more Time - Don't Tell Me how to be ADHD

Posted 03-03-08 at 05:07 AM by meadd823
A long battle - one it was assumed I would loose.

No I do not hold grudges I just happen to have an excellent long term memory. That lack of internal dialog was talking?

It was during many of these discussion where I actually met my brain. . . I am learning I have valid thoughts, my brain does work , while learning to stand up for these thoughts at the same time ~The ADD way~ =)

In other words, Barkley is saying that INHIBITION IS THE FOUNDATION...
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Taking even more control

Posted 03-03-08 at 03:40 AM by Ethereal (The Unbearable Heaviness of Being)
It's 8.26 am, and I've been awake for 26 hours-not unusual for me, this is my 5th night awake in 10 days. The Ephedra is definitely not helping with the insomnia.

I took too much Ephedra last night, and couldn't sleep. Then, when I couldn't søeep, I decided to just stay awake all night, and I took more Ephedra to keep me going. Then more. Then some more. I spent the night reading "Mrs. Dalloway", a perfect book for people with ADHD, it's a "stream of conciousness"-novel,...
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~New to Blog and ADD~

Posted 03-02-08 at 06:05 PM by shesocrazy86
I am new to the forum, so first of all thanks for having me.
So I guess a little history is in order. I am 21 years old from Indiana. I work a relatively stressful job, but being a Type A personality, the stress and rewards of the job make it a very good place for me to be.
I was diagnosed with Adult ADD after my doctor was screening me for treatment options to address depression and anxiety. I was eventually prescribed Prozac, and a little hesitant to go on any form of medication...
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First for everything

Posted 03-02-08 at 04:42 PM by GEEZ_IM
Hello to all!

This is my first entry to and a call to help from those who can maybe help me in the right direction. I have had a history of no focus and being unorganized, late, all y life. For most people would call that lazy. As a child I was concidered a day dreamer and would rather be outside than in class, which got me into a lot of trouble. Never could focus in my studies unless I really liked what I was learning about even now. Then in my adult years, NOW, a bunch of chaos...
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