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Tired as hell

Posted 02-13-08 at 12:41 PM by cntgtrite
I feel like I'm constantly calling or talking to my doc. I tried Strattera and that sucked. Concerta is making me super sleepy and dazed out. This stuff is expensive and i feel like every time I go to the pharmacy they look at me like a total and complete crack head. I can't find anyone else with the same problem of being too sleepy on this stuff. Also, I think my appetite has actually picked up! SUP WITH THAT?
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Newbie~ ~ Self-introduction

Posted 02-13-08 at 12:25 PM by R O C
Hello I am new to this site and am looking for some experience, strength and hope. I have recently realized that I may have more problems than the addiction that I have been working on for 20+ years. I believe I may be a dual diagnosis, but have not been to a professional as of yet. I was diagnosed with depression and S.A.D. about three years ago and did not want to take any medication, due to my addictive personality. I am an addict first and trying to stay in recovery. I would appreciate any and...
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Sleepy Girl!

Posted 02-13-08 at 11:14 AM by cntgtrite
I have been on 54mg of Concerta for 10 days now. I am so sleepy I can't stand it. Everyone I have talke to is like "O I had soo much energy and felt great". Does this mean those folks are not truly ADD or what. Am I on too much? Help!
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10 things to do while soaking in the tub.

Posted 02-13-08 at 07:46 AM by Asylum (10 Things To Do While Soaking In The Tub.)
1) Count all of your fingers and toes, just in case your Mum forgot to do it when you were born.
2) Look for any freckles or moles that look like the virgin Mary, so you can take a photo and put it on e-bay.
3) Find lone, weird hair and say; 'Didn't i pluck you like, yesterday?'
4) Imagine lone, weird hair answering. 'You think you have problems. I was promised a place on your head. Instead i have to stare at your navel all day!'
5) Check for dry elbow. It is the twenty-third...
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Nurtured ,spay, doesn't matter just fix it so it won't work any way

Posted 02-13-08 at 04:14 AM by meadd823
I love these little things I do that make me feel like such a freaking genesis. Mesa will be knocking on my door any minute – right and if you believe that one I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale too . . .

This morning I took Ferocious in for his kitty cat surgery –after he kept me up all night with his antics . He discovered how to climb the walls of the brat-mobile making the damn thing roll across thefloor –Fussy would help by giving him a little push...
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