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Odd ~Scrooball's Blah ~Blah Log :D :D :D

Posted 02-09-08 at 07:15 PM by ~Ødd~Scr~θθball

For some Odd~Scrooey reason I was thinking about the word Blog and while I was trying to break the word down I realized Log meant a listed account or a summary of past events etc. But why the B+ Log and so this is my 1st AD{H}D Blah~Blah Log
Blah Blah can mean to chat about inconsequentials or Blah can refer to a state of mind or Mood so what's your Blah Blah Log or mood? LOL!!!!

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The stuff space place connection

Posted 02-09-08 at 06:27 AM by meadd823
I have a stuff space place issue going in in my life.

This new blog feature is a perfect example of space - now my brain look at this space and know some thing should go there but can't figure out what.

Some times it seems like my disorganization is not just a simple a lack of space or too much stuff . Some times it is like I can't make the space stuff connection work like it should.

There are things that simply seems to be drawn...
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My son gets his check-up today

Posted 02-08-08 at 07:38 PM by SuperChan
I have to admit, I am kind of nervous about my sons check-up today with the psychiatrist. Lately, it has seemed that his medicine isn't working anymore. We have been battling side-affects left and right, and it seems they are so limiting in the meds he can have.

We tried anti-seizures, but those only made his tantrums worse by ten-fold. His Vyvanse makes it hard for him to sleep so he takes Melatonin. While his Risperdal makes him constipated and have urinary retention. We'll see...
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A Brief history....of me...

Posted 02-08-08 at 11:33 AM by scottm
Since everyone else is posting stories of themselves I thought I might do the same. Or at least try.

I got thinking last night about how and why I do the things I do. All my years, up until the age of 25-27 I never got hooked on drugs, booze or medication. I was in a very high stimulating job with extremely high stimulating activities outside the job. I count myself lucky as I have experienced things that few people get to experience.

It was later, around 2000-2001 that...
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Posted 02-07-08 at 05:13 PM by SuperChan
Lately I have had a very tough time at home. My husband and I are bi-polar; he has PTSD too. To add to the mix, my son is ADHD and High-functioning autistic.

Well, my son's meds aren't working as well, and my husband seems to think he knows everything about bi-polar symptoms, even though he has only been diagnosed for the past two weeks. I am on my way to the down part of my cycle and I am sick of only having a med for the part of the cycle I am on. Until recently my insurance...
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