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Posted 02-11-10 at 04:08 AM by Asylum (10 Things To Do While Soaking In The Tub.)
Everything runs backwards like a faulty movie reel of grainy half-truths because while I know life is worth living and is the only thing I will ever experience I move slower and slower until Iím so frozen I have no choice but to slip-slide into the past even if itís a past that never existed. I know not all people are horrible, selfish, shallow and stupid but if you try to convince me you are one of these people you'll just speak a language that is filtered by my ears in such a way Iíll want to...
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1st blog post attempt might be 438, or was that 834...

Posted 02-11-10 at 03:01 AM by carped1em (Mission Log: Major Tom, present location coordinates...unknown)
I live with a dog & cat.
I spend days in a row without seeing another person. Days without speaking to anyone but my pets.

When the level of amphetimine is high enough to stem the tide of brain chatter, my solitude is a blessing.
My current dose/med doesn't evenly affect all of my symptoms.
My body feels sedated and I'm a heavier kind of clumsy.
My speech is slowed and I have to search for thoughts & words.
I spend so much time trying to structure...
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Pastaroni sucks

Posted 02-08-10 at 07:21 PM by godessnoelle
Updated 02-11-10 at 08:45 PM by godessnoelle (just cuz)
All the fabulous 20 cent foods that fueled my early 20ís like Pastaroni and Top Ramin, and Mc Donalds have become so more than unappealing. Iím not sure exactly how adderall works, does it make you lose weight because food tastes less desirable or do you lose weight regardless of what you eat. I think I stood in front of my open fridge door for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what could stomach, before opening the freezer and pulling out a frozen dinner nuking it, taking two bites, throwing...
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Posted 02-07-10 at 02:54 PM by godessnoelle
this is my first time on. I'm not sure how to post a forum or navigate this site quite yet
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February 4, 2004

Posted 02-04-10 at 04:26 PM by Cacho
Job search is somewhat depressing. I did get two responses, so that is slightly encouraging.

I've started to try and go running first thing in the morning. I notice that I tend to do a pretty good job of planning the day and running through (no pun intended obv ) potential important things to do as I run.

Well, I hit my first goal. I had two consecutive days this week where I wasted one hour or less during the day.

To Do List:
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