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You know it has been cold when...

Posted 12-18-08 at 11:42 AM by Ian
It was a beautiful fall here and we love to talk and think about weather, so here I am doing so with others that might not be as enthused.

In the winter of 1994/95 the ground was frozen solid on the October 15. I think that was the year we saw -50C which was new to me. Cars don't work so well then and they make noises I can't even begin describe.

This year we were still in the arms of fall at the end of November and then, like a steel door slamming shut, the cold slid down from the north and reminded us all how it should on the prairie in the winter.

For the better part of two weeks we've had night time lows dipping down into the low -30C range and if we were lucky the day time highs would climb to -27C and the wind chill factor often took those temperatures down to -45C.

Yesterday the wind was down to almost nothing and the temperature was up to -21C.

One of the greatest pleasures in life, for me at least, is when I've adapted to the cold and a -21C day feels balmy and mild. By three o'clock yesterday afternoon I couldn't stay working because of the call of the gentle day and took an hour to go outside for a run.

Now I'm thinking we should have a winter camp. It would be nice to have somewhere out of the wind to light a fire and maybe even sleep outside in the dead of winter. A friend has a camp in the Canadian shield three hours east of Winnipeg back off the beaten track overlooking a remote lake. It takes him forty five minutes to walk in after a long drive from the city. He's got a canvas tent with an asbestos ring for a chimney from the tin stove to exhaust it with three logs stacked cabin style to secure a good seal on the tent.

It's all brilliant, but I'd prefer to ski or snowshoe in and avoid the driving all together. There is a perfect place for a camp over looking the river here, but how to find the time when one is already so ineffective with those management skills!

One step at a time... dreaming on.
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    ginniebean's Avatar
    Before I even saw the name of the city, I knew you were talking about Winterpeg. I can remember -50 and needing gas, took so long to get 3$ worth because it had turned to jelly. I gave up at 3$ and said, this'll more than get me home.
    Posted 01-01-09 at 02:09 AM by ginniebean ginniebean is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    That's weird. For as long as I remember they've winterized fuel so it won't gel, but I guess they got caught that time. Sounds ugly though. ehh

    I'm really interested in building a little winter camp so we could camp out reasonably warmly by the river somewhere. I'm looking at yurts just now. I think a 4 meter yurt would sleep three and gear comfortably. I love winter.

    I'm an hour+ south of the Peg.
    Posted 01-01-09 at 03:13 AM by Ian Ian is offline
    Updated 01-01-09 at 03:20 AM by Ian (mo...)
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