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A Testing Blog

Posted 08-15-08 at 09:48 AM by Uneek1
I'm not trying to get into trouble. I'm just using this blog to help me stay out of trouble. And I won't keep it for too long. Or if someone wants me to delete it sooner, no problem!

I don't swear much at all so it's not too big of a deal to me...or so I think. (I swear at the kids when they're REALLY on my nerves. That's mostly it)

But to me, some are swearing and some aren't. I noticed that one thing I thought wasn't swearing was censored on here and today I noticed what I think was a big swear word wasn't. That didn't offend me and I'm definately not going to get into "who's right and who's wrong". I just want to know what I can type and what I can't.

The obvious ones I won't worry about: Like the F-one and SH-one (see, I don't even type it out and censor it myself!) since I never use them.

Censor away please! Only what you'd normally censor....what's acceptable and what's not?

1) ****ed off (was censored and I use that in place of something else)

2) damn kids (my mostly used phrase which I'm not proud of. LOL. I saw damn in a post which surprised me. I would've thought it would've been censored....)

3) Cut the crap! (I was wanting to use that phrase so I better see if I can)

4) Darn! Can't think of too much more! (I use that word alot in place of...something else.)

5) Jesus, do I feel stupid. (Ok, I NEVER use His name in vain but I'm just testing here. Sorry, Dude in High....)

6) Kick butt (I did use that without being censored.

7) Kick *** (I'll probably get censored there..that's ok. I say #6 alot)

That's the only ones I can think of! LOL. I was wanting to use #3 since I saw that phrase as a motivator not to buy so much stuff or waste so much....Love it and want to blog on it. But can I say it?

If I offended you, sorry. But why'd you read the whole darned thing anyway then! Shame on you! :-)

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  1. Old
    Uneek1's Avatar
    Interesting! To me, the worst offenders is #2 and #5. I forgot to check Hell yeah which I know is ok. Damn, Jesus and Hell is all kinda related (Oops. I put Jesus in the middle.) Using those swear words are against my religion.

    And #1 you might not even figure out! I don't see that as swearing at all!

    Well thanks for letting me test!
    Posted 08-15-08 at 09:55 AM by Uneek1 Uneek1 is offline
  2. Old
    I don't think crap is a swear word so much, also besides bad language doesn't tend to bother me. I'm a man of relative values mind, and I think that there can be an acceptable amount of swearing and sometimes it is just fun to swear. I think also that if you're gonna get pis sed about say someone was to say 'JESUS CHRIST SAKE' or whatever then it'd be really hard and impractical to censor that, as it's about the connotations, and then I think you'd have to then err on the safe side and then go around deleting any posts that takes any religions key figures in vain. The C U Next Tuesday word is generally unacceptable, but then again hell I use that alot.
    Y'know for Isa's sake though censors can really be boring.
    Posted 09-02-08 at 03:48 PM by tree oh tree tree oh tree is offline
  3. Old
    Yeah sometimes I just run out of words to say. All I can come up with is a string of obscenties related to other peoples ignorance and my own arrogance!
    Posted 09-09-08 at 11:06 AM by Anna000 Anna000 is offline
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