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A New Job Title Created

Posted 06-24-08 at 06:15 PM by LeeAnne
I had a semi stroke of genius today; well maybe not but someone else noticed that my clients can be particularly annoying, and that made me feel good.

The helping profession is hard because all it takes is a couple of nasty run ins to harden a bleeding heart.

I doubt mine will thaw, ever.

My clients are mainly elderly. Some of them have the most self centered and hypocritical views on things.

I had a lady approach me on something today. She was so incredibly rude and demanding. She didn't want to go on a day trip at 8am in the morning, although the trip hadn't even been set.

So she *****ed about it as if I had already scheduled it. Now, is it me or is this kind of behavior customary in a public/ service type job?

Does anyone else around here work in a public job where they get reemed out by customers before they've even done anything wrong?

Another client witnessed how she spoke to me, and immediately afterwards said, "I don't envy your job."

I kinda had the same feeling as I blinked back the urge to say, "okay just back off you mean old *****; you probably get up at 7am so what's it to you?"

I want to propose a new job description called "the customer service referee"

The qualifications are:

A Psychology background- clinical/hospital work preferred, with an expertise in dealing with crisis (perceived or otherwise).

Quick thinking and acting.

Enjoys taking on demanding people and, being up front. Will handle and de-escalate confrontations rapidly.

The Customer Service Referee will work in our dismally expanding cashier driven economy, as well as other customer service type jobs that require frequent customer interaction.

They will step in when the customer imposes stress on the employee, or vice versa. The referee will quickly interject that their response is inappropriate, and will ask them to take their approach in a calmer and friendlier manor. (ie drop the me me selfish attitude. My clients are usually wealthy and while some are very nice, some have the attitude that the world should stop and revolve around them at the drop of a hat- as a kindly client/observer mentioned.)

I think maybe I did have a stroke of genius. And no stealing my idea- I'm thinking of lobbying the government to hire for such a position.
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  1. Old
    DotwithADD's Avatar
    Sounds like that old lady may have Alzheimer's... or the beginning of it, anyway from the way it sounds...

    I had wondered if ADD/ADHD'ers may be prone to get Alzheimer's or Dementia some day??? Sometimes I think I act like it.
    Posted 07-08-08 at 12:44 AM by DotwithADD DotwithADD is offline
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