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How Crochet Was Invented

Posted 05-11-10 at 12:55 PM by RedHairedWitch
I always thought that crochet was invented by an ADD woman, being one myself.

Once upon a time, long ago, probably in France, a woman with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder was puttering around her cottage. Doing much but getting nothing done, of course.

In fact she was very busily working hard at trying to find the key to her chest full of yarn (and other odds and ends that had found their way into the chest). She tore the whole cottage apart and simply couldnít find it anywhere. She did, however, find one of her long lost knitting needles in the process.

Distracted by the find, she looked about for the other kitting needle. Alas she couldnít find that either. )For the record, the key to the chest had wandered off to the barn and the other knitting needle was out in the garden having spent part of the summer holding up a young bean stalk.)

Suddenly remembering what she had been doing a few minutes before, our heroine return to her chest. Using whatever she happened to have in her hand, the single knitting needle, she was able to pry open the chest. Happily she dug through the disorganized tangle of yarn within. Unhappily, it seemed as though all her other knitting needles had also vanished (who know where they wound up) and the last remaining one was now bent at one end.

Thinking she ought to run to the market to buy more needles before winter came, and perhaps a few other items as well, she threw on her cloak and walked out the door. Into a snow storm! Oh no, winter had started and she hadnít gotten around to knitting warm woolly socks for her family yet!

Somewhat panicked, our heroine went back inside her home and paced about. Her husband and sons would return from the fields soon and be very cold, when they found that she still hadnít made them socks to keep their feet warm she would be berated and hollered at for certain.

So she took up her single, bent, needle and started to desperately mess around with her wool. After much cursing and swearing, and putting that creative, think-outside-the-box, mind to work she invented the art of

The End
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  1. Old
    Andrea715's Avatar
    I love it!!
    Posted 05-12-10 at 07:18 PM by Andrea715 Andrea715 is offline
  2. Old
    Phantastic's Avatar
    Good story, I identified strongly with the young bean stalk; sometimes all we need is a single knitting needle to lean on. *nods*

    (grow bean stalk grow!)
    Posted 05-13-10 at 05:02 PM by Phantastic Phantastic is offline
  3. Old
    Logic's Avatar
    My grandmother used to crochet, she tried teaching me when I was little, but to be honest she probably only said that she would teach me so she had me sitting there to use as a yarn holder instead of crashing around the house breaking her ornaments...

    Posted 05-13-10 at 11:14 PM by Logic Logic is offline
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