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Posted 06-06-08 at 01:45 PM by murphy40
since i've been on add med's i've recalled things that i've experienced, said, or done. used to be friends would tell me funny situations i was in and what happened. these med's are unlocking my brain. it's fun to figure out how much more i've missed, lol. but, it's becoming distracting to everyday life. like remembering who you were but now you are different, but better. i wish i had been on med's for adhd in college till now. my finances and relationships would have been a bit different and less messes to clean up. but, that's the way the mop flops, huh?
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    zoomman's Avatar
    Indeed, the way the mop flops. I careened and crashed through the four decades before I was diagnosed. I have done, been, and said many wonderful and many terrible things...and I simply can't bring myself to wish it had been different.

    A nice topic, sure. Thanks for posting.
    Posted 06-07-08 at 10:17 PM by zoomman zoomman is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    I don't know if I simply can't bring myself to wish it were different of it I realize it never will be different. I have wish with all my might that I had done this instead of that. I do not know how many times I wondered what I would have been like had I chosen that path instead of this one. One day it finally dawned on me that things are as they should be so the best thing to do it work with what I have right now.

    The thoughts described in this entry are normal , and just about every one with any insight what so ever goes through a period where they wish and wonder.
    Posted 06-26-08 at 02:21 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    I second that emotion, when I first went on meds for AD/HD my mum thought it was a miracle cure, and so did I. There was this realisation that, hell maybe I could be somebnody worthwhile and I would find that I could much easier think foraward with out asmuch uncertanity, I could then say 'It's 10o'clock at night, why am I thinking about going out? I have to be up for six! It doesn't matter if it's a wednesday and people I know are out and about, as at the pub there are a lot of people who give you undue grief.' Instead of thinkin' "10 pm wenesday... JUST got a text, am I coming out YES. **** college... It's only tutor period first, that's boring and we never learn anything." And off I'd go to the pub, getting home at 3 getting 4 rough hours of sleep from 4am, resulting in a hangover, maybe general aches and pains from stupid behaviour, annoyance of my friends, an argument with my mum, forgetting my travel pass and having to borrow money that I probably would forget to pay back, then missing out on my EMA payment for missing tutor period, and likely missing out on the vital oppurtunity to develop a clear path towards achieving my aspirations.
    Though the meds arn't a cure it became clear after a month or two that the effect was markedly diminished,a nd my behaviour remitted, but I'm trying again and my advice would be to avoid alcohol like you would avoid hep b, though saying that I struggle to avoid anything inconvinient, or dangerous...
    Posted 09-02-08 at 09:36 AM by tree oh tree tree oh tree is offline
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