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Posted 04-16-08 at 04:14 PM by murphy40
Today my doctor switched my ADHD med's to a similar one called Vyvanse. Is anyone else on it? The whole pamplet (along with CD) is marketed to children with ADHD. So, I guess at 40 yrs. I am still a child, lol. I really like my Adderall. I'm suppose to give my shrink feedback on which one I like better. I like my shrink. I don't like sitting in the waiting room watching other patients twitch, freak over waiting, and have near anxiety attacks while I try to keep my anxiety in check and avoid interupting others conversations with funny remarks. It's a dead ADD give away. The longer in a social situation, or even emailing online, it seems all know immediately I have it. And I just found out 2 yrs. ago! Before it was "what are you on?" or 'can i smoke a 1/4 of your brain to see what it's there?" I get it's better to be ADD obvious than appear 'on something'. My mind is calmly spinning and I have accomplished tasks in order today. Now to do homework, dinner, lacrosse practice, bath, snack and bedtime for kids. Being an organized mom is the true challenge. I'm quite sure my daughter has it too and is falling behind in school. My ex (who is non-med thinking) finally agreed she needs medication to focus. Her mood swings and anxiety I hope are not depression but the ADD. Hopefully she's not genetically like my brain. My son has autism and is able to focus and do homework with ease once you get him to focus. No mistakes, math in his head, processes large info and stores it in his mental data base for later retrieval. Amazing. Sometimes I'd rather have mild autism that ADD. He misses social ques, but some ques are not worth getting. Anyway. Babble on no more.
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    I am glad to hear vyvanse worked for you... As for us our child was mis-diagnosed with ADHD and giving at first 20 then 30mg of vyvanse he is now in a mental hospital from the side effects. If your daughter does have you genes in her brian, please dont use vyvanse.
    Posted 12-02-09 at 08:22 PM by toddalexa toddalexa is offline
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