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Vyvanse: My wonder drug

Posted 12-04-08 at 02:03 PM by shocker147
Everyone responds to the variety of available ADD medications differently. I had great success with Focalin XR (dexmethylphenidate). Focalin XR is an extended release medication and basically is Ritalin with less side effects. Focalin XR makes my heart race, gives me a headache, and can make me aggressive. Nonetheless, it was far better than the generic methylphenidate I was prescribed one time. Wow! You talk about a rollercoaster ride from hell. Straight up and straight down.

My friend gave me one of his Adderall pills one time. It had to have been the immediate release. I felt like my body was moving along at the speed of light. I was performing, successfully, six tasks at one time. It was too potent for me though.

A few months ago my doctor prescribed me the jewel of all ADD/ADHD medications: Vyvanse. It was nothing short of a miracle. Headaches? Gone. Jitters, anxiety, racing heart? Gone. Ability to focus and concentrate? Greatly increased. Ability to exercise self-control? Stronger. I was taking 50 mg. Then I got a prescription for 60 mg. I loved the medication, but I knew it was strong enough. Keep in mind I'm 28 years old, physically active, 6'5" tall, and weigh 240 pounds. I decided to take 120 mg of Vyvanse one morning. This was just about right. I have received replies from numerous individuals cautioning me against taking such a high dose. My body, however, is much different than that of most people. I am a big man. I weigh 1/8 of a ton. I don't think that 120 mg of Vyvanse is ridiculously high as a proportion of medication to body size.

I see the doctor on Monday. Of course Vyvanse has to be ridiculously expensive. Shire will provide only up to thirty capsules of Vyvanse on their patient assitance program. I will write them a letter about this though I doubt it will do any good.

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    I am 5'3 115 lbs and I take 60 mg of Vyvanse in the morning and 60 mg in the afternoon. I have been on ADD meds for years and have found Vyvanse to be the most successful. I have been on this dosage for about a month without any problems. Just because one drug is a dangerous dose for one person doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. The difference in Vyvanse is that it has been formulated to only work through digestion. My doctor said that since I have a high metabolism and am extremely active it makes since that a higher dosage would be necessary. You are literally twice my size so taking double the dosage seems accurate. Don't let comments from others concern you. As long as you have regular check ups with your doctor you have nothing to worry about! Good luck with everything!
    Posted 12-09-08 at 01:04 AM by mcl0701 mcl0701 is offline
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