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Some Things Never Change . . . . But I Do

Posted 02-10-15 at 04:46 AM by meadd823
It has been a long time sense I have been here and over the past year or two things have changed a great deal. The clinic interview yeah I remember, naturally did not get that job but it simply wasn't meant to be. I did not feel bad about it as the blog clearly states.

Last time I posted a blog entry I the market for a car that did not break down, preferably a used one with low mileage.

I bought my first new car about a week later, it had 12 miles. As of this writing it has 30,000 miles on it.

I was relatively new at the home heath job when I wrote my last blog, three months . I was thinking about going to work at an addiction clinic but decided mass confusion and frustration in employment should be separate from my personal friendships because jobs are easier to come by that good quality friends.

After a fifteen month stint at the home health job I left in favor of a clinic job that I just started today. I am only part time but have enough in saving I can stay part time for a couple of months before really having to worry about money.

I have worked hard not only physically between the demands of home health a job I got very decent and the cats I have worked hard emotionally and spiritually. I have learned first hand my own advice works pretty well even when applied to my own life. It does not sound like much but it is a lot when one learns how taking responsibility for ones own happiness opens the doors to changes that are not impulsive.

I have faced sadness from the loss of several of my kitty cat friends. New doors to old relationships have opened while I have been forced to close a few due to violations of my personal boundaries. I hate loosing contact with people I care for but some things simply can not be tolerated- stealing and lying are two biggies.

Soo while some things never change, people can and do. Some folks will change for the better others no so much. One thing remains constant I can not change any one but myself.
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    Wow nine months come and gone I went full time this past June the 15th. My part time tour of duty worked like a charm I was in the right place at the right time . A miracle for some one like me. I work for the nicest doctor in the place and have full time benefits like insurance, vacation, disability .

    My husband was always trying to pay beat the insurance game which was not going to work in his favor. He starts on my insurance in January - he will be able to afford to get his medical issues looked at and taken care of.

    In the mean time I have spent less time here and struggle to have any time to myself at all. It seems the more I succeed the more that is demanded of me. I need to move my mom and a million cats down here I have until April.

    I have been struggling to keep up my spiritual studies and am scheduled to lead the circle myself in January. Not being an outcast even while being myself fully functioning in the spiritual design I was given at birth ... pretty scare stuff considering a few years back having people really know me in person was not even on the radar of possibility.

    Over all I am happy with the changes but the more success I have the more I am beginning to realize that some of my favorite activities, even those in which my participation got me headed in the right direction may need to be sacrificed in order for me to move on.

    My car just past 50,000 miles ..........

    I have given myself until the beginning of the year to reconsider all my obligations and involvements and decided which to keep and which to give up.

    In the end I can come here look back on my life and see progress I have made. It took years but the effort paid off. I am finally in the divers seat of my own life's direction the map before me represents the possibilities.
    Posted 11-29-15 at 02:27 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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