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Life and insights about life and my random tandom thoughts ideas and rantings

Insight into the Positive Aspect of Negative Emotions

Posted 12-20-15 at 05:05 PM by meadd823
I know most of us prefer the feelings of love, light and generosity. Most know all too well that bad feelings are a part of life as are bad situations. Most healthy people avoid those who wallow in negativity and use adjectives to describe those who prefer to remain in the dark darker sides of spirituality. It can be just as unhealthy to refuse to see the dark side as it refusing to walk in the light. A normal day consist of both day and night and normal people walk in both light and darkness....
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Some Things Never Change . . . . But I Do

Posted 02-10-15 at 04:46 AM by meadd823
It has been a long time sense I have been here and over the past year or two things have changed a great deal. The clinic interview yeah I remember, naturally did not get that job but it simply wasn't meant to be. I did not feel bad about it as the blog clearly states.

Last time I posted a blog entry I the market for a car that did not break down, preferably a used one with low mileage.

I bought my first new car about a week later, it had 12 miles. As of this writing...
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So This Is How the Other Side Lives

Posted 02-22-14 at 01:39 PM by meadd823
Most may think that the title means I am comparing non-ADDers to ADDers while this could be the distinction it really isn't one it is just a blurb that popped into my head a few minutes ago.

About this time last year maybe a bit further back I set about asking the universe to open up the opportunity for gainful employment - I did it with ritual and group the hole nine yards. It seemed forever and I knew action on my part was required so I set about learning the new fangled...
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Some Where in the darkness

Posted 09-15-13 at 08:24 AM by meadd823
I had never set my eye upon this man before and more than likely when my shift is done I shall never again set my eyes upon him this side of existence. Such is a day in my life as it is and had been.

No hits of this man's life can be found in the bare walled room. I do not know if he has children, or a wife. No clue about his trade can be found nothing pointing to his passions his political stance religious belief s or lack there of

Al I have to go...
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Protecting Self Without Poisons

Posted 03-31-13 at 05:58 PM by meadd823
I was accused of being negative and angry. The honest truth was I never felt angry I was simply tired of being some one else's emotional scape goat.

While other may influence how I feel I am responsible for my own emotions I only felt it reasonable to expect other adults namely my husband to do the same however the truth be known not all adults are capable of doing such therefore they project their emotions upon others.

I never told him I was shielding myself by seeing...
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