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Started Vyvanse Today

Posted 09-15-08 at 10:04 AM by mrsgtjb23
To give a little background, I am 29 years old. 5'8", 140 pounds. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 17. Been on Dexidrine, Ritalin, Concerta, Provigil, Stratera and now Vyvanse. I took 40 mg of Vyvanse this morning with a Special K protein bar ( I read on this website to take Vyvanse with protein.) I also drank a diet cherry coke (my morning ritual.) I think tomorrow I may just drink water, becuase I am feeling a bit jittery like on a caffeine high. I am also feeling a little shaking (making it hard to type.) I think it may be the combo of the drug and the caffeine. Otherwise, I feel GREAT! I am usually falling asleep at my desk on Mondays, but not today. I feel energized, chipper and a little chatty. I have been making lists and more lists of things to get done. My mind is racing, but also seems controllable at the same time. Starting a new drug is always nerve-racking for me becuase I am not sure how I will react to it. But so far it has not been to bad. I will report later on how I feel this afternoon. Please let me know if you are taking Vyvanse and have had some of the same reactions.

Blog later!

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    sPacie~Gracie's Avatar
    Me and my husband take 70mg. I need to take 2 a day. Either becuase I'm the inatentive add and I metabolize it so quikly that just enough gets in my brain. I never was a drug user or any of the sort which I find it funny to see my husband only needs to take one for the day and it will last him longer then me. To get the extra bost for the mid day, drive back home from a long stressfull job. I drink the 5hr energy drinks and they are great. don't drink anything that contains asorbic acid it will shorten the affect of the med.
    Posted 04-24-10 at 01:06 PM by sPacie~Gracie sPacie~Gracie is offline
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    I just started that yesterday I had the same jittery problem too after taking 30mg and a coffee. I think it is the caffeine. And yesterday i swear my boyfriends ear was gonna fall off i was so chatty, seriously i should have gone to the doctor sooner i didnt know i could actually complete a thought, let alone a task. i have been kicked out of two colleges, due to poor grades from my lack of focus.This is my first adhd meds i have ever been on, i was misdiagnosed with depression, put on antidepressants (which made everything 100 times worse) and was reffered to a psychiatrist and got put on vyvanse. i have always had a problem focussing and remembering thins, when i was younger my whole family would call me "la-di-da" after the song i used to sing when i was in lala land haha. i really hope it works, so far i seem a lot more focused and can actually get something done without walking away and forgetting about it. im crossing my fingers!!
    Posted 06-27-10 at 11:29 PM by sillymeg sillymeg is offline
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