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All I am Saying is Give CBT a Chance...

Posted 07-03-08 at 06:28 PM by LeeAnne
It may seem flakey but CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) does help.

When I dabbled in it I was surprised how well a simple- no you are okay/ you deserve to heal from whatever it is- actually worked.

Simple words is all it took...

It is the only thing that has shone a light in the diagnostic messes I have gone through.

It's amazing how stuck I can feel at times.

I passed a socially phobic depressive winter. Hell even if a large group...
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A New Job Title Created

Posted 06-24-08 at 06:15 PM by LeeAnne
I had a semi stroke of genius today; well maybe not but someone else noticed that my clients can be particularly annoying, and that made me feel good.

The helping profession is hard because all it takes is a couple of nasty run ins to harden a bleeding heart.

I doubt mine will thaw, ever.

My clients are mainly elderly. Some of them have the most self centered and hypocritical views on things.

I had a lady approach me on something today....
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Trauma by Healthcare

Posted 06-17-08 at 09:36 AM by LeeAnne
When doctors are supposed to fix our hurts, psychological, or physical, it's hard to make the accusation that they made us hurt worse.

Generally no one wants to believe it's true because what makes you so special or "different" that they didn't help you?

I feel more traumatised by psychiatry than truly helped. The meds calmed the anxiety, but my treatment plan simply said "shut up."

I don't think I am special. I think I ended up with...
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Causes of mental illness: Other People!

Posted 06-16-08 at 05:37 PM by LeeAnne
I have a real annoying client who is nasty towards me.

Since the risperdal incident with my doctor, I took a few days off work to recover. I was getting pulled off topamax as well since it was making things worse. So for two days I was a wreck. My job involves teaching so that makes things very difficult.

The client said I took days off for "anxiety" because I want people to feel sorry for me.

She said I am not a nice person for not rinsing out a...
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My brand of mental illness

Posted 06-09-08 at 06:09 PM by LeeAnne
I'm no longer bipolar. I've decided that it ain't happening, that my doctors have done such a sketchy job of diagnosing me in the first place that it's not worth looking into, or medicating me as Bipolar.

My doc was so sure that I was not Bipolar in the first few months of seeing her; she saw no signs. Then she kept trying to treat me with mood stabilizers. It didn't work well, then I was not compliant.

Then she said I was bipolar and ADHD. Almost as if to just throw a...
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