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I've never had a blog, only journals. Those are pretty serious records of my illness/meds/cycling, etc.

So this might be fun and different.
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Helicopter Moms and Two Front Teeth

Posted 06-16-11 at 07:58 AM by EYEFORGOT
I've never been a hovering kind of Mom. I homeschooled them for years but I did not shelter them from bad things; and one in particular I really wish I could have kept them safe from. I've always believed that "boys will be boys", they're going to get into trouble, fights and scrapes. Black and blue knees and scratches are the sign of a happy childhood; from climbing trees and chasing and, in our case, a few batterings with a makeshift epee. (brothers. what can I say?)

My oldest fell from a retaining wall onto a brick patio when he was 3. That was the first big injury we faced and he had 8 stitches in his head, and the scar is still there, Seeing it I can remember clearly discovering the injury and being with him in the emergency room while he got stitches.

My youngest had asthma as a baby until he was about 3 or 4 years old. Lots of trips to the hospital, every cold was sure to end in an attack.

Then there's my middle son. One of the sweetest boys you'd want to meet, but he's been walking into walls since he stopped crawling.

He tripped and fell onto an old music toy, so sharp he had several stitches on his face right below his eye. That was when he was just two.

He decided to slide down the stairs head first and broke his arm, that was age 3 (or was it 4?) He kept tripping and falling so he had to go back to the hospital, and while under anesthesia, they had to adjust the arm so that it would heal correctly.

He, too, got stitches in his head; falling on our hardwood floors and into a door. The hardwood floors come into play again later.
His older brother took two bullets for him. Not literal ones. Big brother took a snake away from him that he was playing with and ended up getting bit himself and put on antibiotics. And while they were wrestling (a whole different day, these are all on different days, we wouldn't want it all over and done with... this stuff keeps happening all spread out, always keeping us on our toes and our insurance cards at the ready), my oldest was the one who went to the hospital for a "nursemaid's elbow". A quick pop back into place and everything's better... but the second son was there, and by all intents and purposes, could have just as likely been the victim.

Our most recent round of injury are to his two front teeth. It will be our theme song this Christmas at the rate he's going. He was playing in his room, fell and hit his face onto the hardwood floor. (I love hardwood floors, very easy to keep clean, also easy to get hurt on. The blood comes right up though.) He came running out to me crying and screaming and missing most of his two front teeth. I was hearbroken for him, I didn't want to see my baby in pain, but I cleaned up the blood and put ice on it. His big brother found the pieces of his teeth and we went to the dentist to have them glued on.

The thing with getting your teeth glued back together is you have to be much more careful with them after that. You can't bite into apples. You need to wear a mouthguard for sports. And you definitely don't want to use them for attacking your brother in a fight. That's how they came out the second time. Now they can't glue things back together, now it's all just filled in with epoxy. The next step would be a root canal, so that they can build the tooth up again on a surface it can hold on to. So much sturdier.

Third time was the charm. At least on one tooth it was. Big brother to the rescue again, pulled out his little brother's thumb and it hooked onto the tooth and took that piece of epoxy with it. We weren't planning on having the tooth tested in the other direction. He was a real trooper for root canal number 1. He was very brave and a good sport about it.

Two days later....!

Whap! Big brother picks up a toy, #2 son walks right into it. The other tooth is broken and for good measure, his lip gets a horrible cut so there's more blood. We see the dentist tomorrow.

Living through the cumulitive inuries of three growing boys I can understand why mothers start to hover. I'd like to wrap my baby's head in padding before he goes out to play. All this week every time I hear a loud bump (which is every other minute when they're all home together) or any kind of scream (again... it gets twitchy here) I think it's another horrible injury. Another tooth gone, broken bone, missing eye, severed ear, or whatever scary movie scene pops into my head at the time.

There he goes though... out to play with his brothers, having forgiven his big brother for all the injuries thus far he was a part in. He climbs trees and jumps on rocks, swings from branches, runs through the woods and a field with stumps and stones and wears socks in the house on our hardwood floors... he braves them all again. I listen, (can't watch) and cringe, waiting for the worst. But he's so happy, all of them are, would padding really help? I think they'd just find some other way to get hurt.
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